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Launching advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus' request history, projects, and solutions module.

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As a help desk manager, keeping pace with changes to your help desk ecosystem can be a real challenge. To help you better manage your help desk as well as zero in on any underlying problems your help desk may have, we recently launched advanced analytics for ServiceDesk Plus' requests, projects, and solutions modules.

Join our webinar to get familiarized with the reports and dashboards in these modules; we'll also show you how you can leverage insights from these reports to transform your help desk.

You'll learn how to:

  1. Get an accurate view of request timelines and spot actions that delay resolution.
  2. Better plan and manage multiple IT projects-from resource allocation, monitoring, and measuring to reporting-from a single console.
  3. Evaluate knowledge base solutions for context, relevance, and usefulness.

About the Speaker

Gunasekaran U

Technical Consultant, Analytics Plus

About Gunasekaran

Gunasekaran has worked with ManageEngine for over two years and is part of the technical support team. He is interested in helping customers build compelling data stories through visualizations.