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Release Notes

September 21, 2022


  • Pricing Update: We have revised our pricing model. Introduced a new add-on for Developers, and reduced the license cost of additional users. Learn more.
  • New Connections: Introducing support for two new connections:
    1. ME Service Desk Plus: Integrate your SDP with your AppCreator applications
    2. Twilio: Configure Twilio connection to send SMS from your application
  • App Gallery: A collection of ready-to-use applications. AppCreator now offers ready-to-use apps which enable you to manage your operations efficiently.
  • Maps & Geolocation: AppCreator now supports Map reports which enables you to display records that are driven by geographical locations. Added location can also be tracked if enabled in form settings.
  • New Currency support: We have introduced support for two new currencies - Georgian Lari(GEL) and Namibian Dollar(NAD - N$) - in the Currency field present under Forms.
  • Custom Form title: The new feature Custom form title lets you customize the form titles and configure different titles for the form while adding record and while editing record. Correspondingly, the Form name has been changed as Form title.
  • Panel Presets: Introducing Panel Presets in the Pages. Now you save the panel configurations using built-in presets. The Presets are saved configurations of your panel's display value, that can be reused across forms and all other apps in your AppCreator account.
  • Built-in Functions: We have introduced new built-in functions for AppCreator:
    1. hmacsha512 Encryption
    2. timeBetween
    3. toWords
  • We have added support for the output type parameter for the Deluge encryption function - SHA256. This parameter decides if the hash needs to be returned in hex or binary format. And, when the output type parameter is specified as binary, the input data cannot be more than 1 MB.

Changes and Bug Fixes

  • We are introducing an improvement in application backup. Earlier, when you download the backup file of your application, it contained a .zip file that included the Deluge script file of the application structure (.ds file) and a set of .csv files containing the application data. From now on, the downloaded backup file will contain only a .zip file. This change will help in effectively reducing the number of files and their subsequent storage.
  • The key and default message value for Print as Summary have been included inside the Default Messages files. You can now customize its value under Contextual messages.
  • We have updated an error message for V2 API w.r.t the API limitations on workflow looping. The corresponding message to the new codes is available here.
  • We have fixed a schedule execution issue related to application timezone change.
  • We've updated the behavior of the Blueprint_stages field when != or NOT IN operators are given in its criteria. Earlier, when the above-mentioned operators were specified in the stages field’s criteria, the respective records were returned along with null values. From now on, records with null values will not be returned.
  • The vulnerability caused by CVE-2022-1552 has been fixed.

June 2, 2022


  • Recent postgres CVE ( CVE-2022-1552 Autovacuum, REINDEX, and others omit "security restricted operation" sandbox ) has been identified in this version and we are working on a fix.

June 1, 2022

Introducing ManageEngine AppCreator

We are excited to introduce ManageEngine AppCreator which is a locally installable, low-code platform for creating enterprise-grade custom applications that can be seamlessly accessed from smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.
The ManageEngine AppCreator will equip you to create applications and store data within your premises. Using it, you can:

All this, while staying compliant to your organisation’s data privacy regulations.

Please visit our website and help guide to explore more. And, also checkout the pricing plans available.

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