Help Desk Reports

Gain IT Help Desk Intelligence. Make Better Decisions.
Gain insights on all modules with over 150 prebuilt reports on requests, problems, changes, assets, purchases, and contracts

    Gain Insights Quickly. Straight Out of the Box.

  • Access over 150 previously defined reports to measure IT help desk performance across requests, problems, changes, assets, surveys, and more.
  • Get information on all pending or completed tickets based on parameters such as department, level, mode, priority, requester, technician, category, and request date.
  • Keep tabs on IT technician performance with SLA compliance and generate reports of the time spent on tickets.
  • Export reports in a variety of formats such as HTML, CSV, PDF, and XLS and schedule automatic report generation and circulation to key stakeholders.

Create Custom Help Desk Reports in Minutes. No Coding Needed.

  • Create custom IT help desk reports for various modules like Requests, Assets, Problem, Change, etc.
  • Choose from four different report formats such as Tabular, Summary, Matrix, or Audit.
  • Let the user friendly Reports Wizard take you through the entire process of custom reports creation.
  • Select display columns, add filters, group and order data, and summarize information to suit your needs.
  • Select from a host of charts and graphs to visually analyze data and identify IT help desk trends.
  • Save custom reports, schedule, and auto generate reports at timely intervals in a variety of formats.
Measure service desk performance with KPI reports in multiple formats
Schedule targeted status reports and drive service desk efficiency

Schedule Automated Reports. Don't Get Tied to Routine Tasks.

  • Choose the predefined or saved custom reports that you need, create a schedule, and receive these reports at timely intervals.
  • Set up daily, weekly, monthly, or one time schedules.
  • Pick the desired report format and select the intended recipients of the scheduled report.
  • Get reports in your email without logging on to ServiceDesk Plus to view them.

Converge Data from Multiple Sources. One Query at a Time.

  • Dive deep and generate query reports covering the entire gamut of your IT help desk operations.
  • View the detailed schema for any module selected and get full visibility of data relationships.
  • Choose from a list of frequently asked query reports and generate reports on the fly.
  • Access the ManageEngine forums from within ServiceDesk Plus to search for query reports shared by other users.
Generate query reports instantly with data fetched from all modules

The reports are very easy to generate, they are comprehensive and insightful. We were able to track and report on these and other numbers on a weekly basis. That helped us identify gaps, fix them and change course as needed.

Tarek Saade IT incident management senior team leader, averda.

Gain IT Help Desk Intelligence. Make Better Decisions.

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