What is rapid application development?

Rapid application development focuses on developing software fast. It achieves this by facilitating quick prototyping. In RAD, functional prototypes are shipped quickly, with changing requirements implemented incrementally in each iteration. RAD also provides visual development tools, such as drag-and-drop application builders, which accelerate application development by minimizing the coding required.

Why do organizations need a RAD tool?

Many conventional software development methods, like the waterfall model, are too time-consuming. In today's agile environment, most organizations need to ship quality software quickly. An agile solution, like a RAD tool, facilitates seamless and rapid business process automation.

Benefits of using a RAD tool

The tangible benefits of a RAD tool include:

  1. Easy implementation of constantly changing requirements
  2. Time and cost savings because software deliverables are delivered rapidly
  3. Organizations empowered with speed, agility, dynamism, and efficiency in the application development process

AppCreator: RAD software for easy app development

  • Drag-and-drop builders for easy front-end development

    AppCreator's drag-and-drop form builder enables you to easily create forms that can collect any type of data. The page builder allows you to drag-and-drop page elements to build visually appealing dashboards, without breaking a sweat. Thanks to the drag-and-drop builders, your front end can be built in a fraction of the time it takes to build conventional user interfaces, which ensures overall application development is faster.

  • User-friendly scripting for easy implementation of complex custom business logic

    Complex applications require custom logic implementation as a part of the development process, which usually requires complex programming languages. It is often time-consuming to program applications, and typically requires the expertise of expensive programmers. AppCreator makes this process easier by providing a user-friendly scripting language called Deluge. Deluge is easy to learn, and makes it easy to implement complex logic since it has syntax similar to English. With no complicated programming required, AppCreator ensures custom application development a breeze.

  • Reduced development lifecycle duration

    Conventional application development methods take months to convert prototypes into working applications. AppCreator reduces the time it takes to deploy fully functional enterprise-grade applications to only hours or days.

  • Monetary savings through reduced dependencies, production time, and technical debt

    AppCreator empowers the various types of users involved in application development, including:

    1. Line-of-business users, enabling them to develop their own applications by using the drag-and-drop builders. This reduces their dependence on the often overworked IT teams.
    2. Professional developers, who will gain access to powerful rapid application development tools such as a drag-and-drop IDE, which allows them to develop prototypes and deploy fully functional enterprise-grade applications in a fraction of the time when compared with traditional methods.

Key features of the AppCreator RAD tool

Workflows to automate routine business processes

Workflows to automate routine business processes

Business processes can be manual and repetitive. AppCreator offers a point-and-click workflow builder which allows you to quickly automate your organization's repetitive business processes and reduce turnaround times.

One-click deployment to multiple platforms

AppCreator follows the "develop once, deploy anywhere" philosophy. You only need to develop applications on the platform once. Then, when you deploy them, they are instantly published on the web and mobile platforms. This saves you from the time-consuming process of developing, testing, and deploying your applications separately for each platform.

One-click deployment to multiple platforms
Developer tools: A versatile toolset for your enterprise’s application builders

Developer tools: A versatile toolset for your organization's application builders

AppCreator offers a slew of developer tools, such as Sandbox, Schema Builder, and Application IDE, as well as features like logs and widgets. These developer tools empower your organization's application developers, enabling them to architect and deploy high-powered applications with ease.

Enterprise-grade features

AppCreator is equipped with several enterprise-grade features, each designed to help you create powerful applications with ease. These features include:

  • SAML authentication for users
  • Email servers (SMTP)
  • Proxy servers
  • Account backup and restoration

With these, users of the platform are empowered to create feature-rich applications.

Enterprise-grade features

AppCreator: RAD platform powered by low-code

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