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FES enhances security posture, opts for EventLog Analyzer over Splunk

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Fortifying IT infrastructure: Zaxby's success story with Log360

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Log360, ManageEngine's SIEM solution helps PRC meet their security and auditing requirements

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Florida school district solves network visibility and compliance woes with Log360

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Eureka casinos

How Log360 helped a Vegas casino enhance its cybersecurity strategy

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CTC's game-changing move: A dive into their cybersecurity shift from Splunk to Log360

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Revealing the invisible: How Log360 transformed Globitech's cybersecurity landscape

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Outsourcing Solutions Group Case Study | ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

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LaBella leverages Log360 to enhance its security posture

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Spinx is staying PCI DSS compliant-ready with Log360

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How ManageEngine's EventLog Analyzer helped FMC by balancing security and efficiency

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Unifying systems monitoring: How St. Johns County Tax Collector's office enhanced security with Log360

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How ManageEngine Log360 helped to elevate security for Electroimpactk

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How Log360 supports ACSI in safeguarding data integrity and managing account lockouts

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Navigating the audit landscape with Log360: A case study on Farmers Trust & Savings Bank

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Crusader Community Health

Crusader Community Health uses Log360 to detect and mitigate cyberattacks

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Panther Systems Northwest, Inc.

Panther Systems leverages ManageEngine Log360's real-time correlation engine to thwart security attacks

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Strengthening cybersecurity: How Log360 helps SafeRack strengthen its network security

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US Geological Survey - Department of Interior

U.S. Geological Survey combats Log4j security threat with Log360

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Calgon Carbon

How Calgon Carbon saved thousands safeguarding itself from a phishing attack using Log360k

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Detecting and mitigating cyber-threats with Log360: A case study on Teague's security success

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Unleash real-time security intelligence: Discover how Log360's correlation engine empowered Paradyn's MSSP services

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TJO ry

Proactive security monitoring: Log360 helps detect failed logons for Helsingin aikuisopisto

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Savana Inc

How Log360 transformed Savana's security landscape

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Buyers Products

4 ways Buyers Products mitigates threats using Log360

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Enhancing cyberdefense: Log360 enables Chugach Government Solutions to meet security requirements

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Public Storage

Overcoming SIEM challenges: Public Storage's transformation with Log360

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Saint Francis Ministries

Enhancing IT security and efficiency at Saint Francis Ministries with Log360

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Community Bank, N.A. relies on ManageEngine to ensure its customers “bank happy”

Hillary Lee

Community Bank, N.A.

"Kubota Canada eases its IT staff’s workload using ManageEngine solutions"

Mark Thompson

IT Manager, Kubota

Brad Frerichs

Farmers Trust & Savings Bank

Farmers Trust & Savings Bank: Navigating the audit landscape with Log360"

  • "Log360 gathers a lot of information and puts it in a very easy-to-read format."

Log360 is a unified SIEM solution with integrated DLP and CASB capabilities that detects, prioritizes, investigates, and responds to security threats. It combines threat intelligence, machine learning-based anomaly detection, and rule-based attack detection techniques to detect sophisticated attacks, and offers an incident management console for effectively remediating detected threats. Log360 provides holistic security visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid networks with its intuitive and advanced security analytics and monitoring capabilities.

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