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iOS Configuration Profiles

You can configure a profile to impose policies and restrictions on the managed mobile device. The following profile specifications can be customized and stored in specific versions, to be associated with devices/groups at any point of time. The specifications are listed below with the options to customize it. These profiles are tailored for managing iOS devices.

Profile Description

  • Passcode - Defines parameters for creating a password.
  • Restrictions - Restrictions and permissions related to device functionality, applications, iCloud, Security, and Privacy etc.
  • Wi-Fi - Configuring Wi-Fi and proxy settings for devices to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) - Configuring VPN and proxy settings to securely access corporate data from the devices.
  • Per-App VPN - Configuring VPN for specific apps.
  • E-mail - Configuring mail settings including mail server authentication and SSL.
  • Exchange ActiveSync - Configuring ActiveSync settings to sync Exchange data with the client apps on devices.
  • Kiosk - Lock the device to a single app or set of apps and have the settings pre-configured.
  • Web Shortcuts - Specify web shortcuts to be provisioned on the devices for quick access.
  • Web Content Filter - Blocklist or Allowlist contents to be viewed on the browser of a device.
  • eSIM - Remotely configure and automate the installation of eSIMs to a managed device without user intervention.
  • App Notifications - Configure App Notifications for specific apps to allow/restrict notifications and also customize the app's notification settings such as sounds, previews and alerts.
  • Managed Web Domains - Secure your corporate downloads by preventing unauthorized access.
  • Wallpaper - Specify the image to be used as wallpaper on device's lockscreen/home screen.
  • Asset Tagging - Specify the basic device information to be displayed on device lockscreen for easier device identification.
  • AirPrint - Configuring AirPrint to print documents, images, etc., from the device.
  • Global HTTP Proxy - Configuring Global Proxy settings to ensure that users need not specify proxy settings anywhere else on MDM.
  • Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) - Configuring Single Sign-On to access various web services and apps easily.
  • Certificate - Distribute certificates to managed devices to secure access to services such as e-mail, Wi-Fi, etc.
  • Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) - Integrate with Certificate Authority to automate distribution client certificates to secure devices through certificate-based authentication.
  • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) - Configuring LDAP settings to quickly access recources on a public network.
  • Contact Sync - Configuring CardDav settings to sync corporate contacts with the client app on the device.
  • Calendar Sync - Configuring CalDav settings to sync corporate data with the client app on the device.
  • Subscribed Calendars - Configuring calendar settings to sync data from subscribed calendars with the client app on the device.
  • Access Point Name - Configuring the Access Point Name (APN) settings on devices to connect to a carrier for data connection.
  • Fonts - Add and customize a variety of fonts for users to choose from, for custom font compatible apps.
  • Custom Configuration - Configuring customized profiles using third-party tools such as Apple Configurator and distribute them via MDM.

Profiles supported for Supervised and Unsupervised devices

Profiles Supervised Unsupervised
Passcode (Applicable for iOS 9 or later versions) success success
Restrictions success success
Wi-Fi success success
VPN success success
Per-App VPN success success
Email success success
Exchange ActiveSync success success
Kiosk (Applicable for iOS 6 or later versions) success failured
Web Shortcuts success success
Web Content Filter (Applicable for iOS 7 or later versions) success failured
Managed Web Domains (Applicable only for Safari) success success
Wallpaper (Applicable for iOS 7 or later versions) success failured
Asset Tagging (Applicable for iOS 7 or later versions) success failured
AirPrint (Applicable for iOS 7 or later versions) success success
Global HTTP Proxy (Applicable for iOS 6 or later versions) success failured
Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO) (Applicable for iOS 7 or later versions) success success
Certificate success success
Simple Certificate Enrollment Program (SCEP) success success
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) success success
Contact Sync success success
Calendar Sync success success
Subscribed Calendars success success
Access Point Name success success
Fonts success success
Custom Configurations success success
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