How to migrate from an Android Enterprise account to another?


After using a test account to try out the Android for Work features, you might want to shift to the official enterprise account for proper management. Instead of creating a new account from the beginning, you can simply migrate to your enterprise account.
Follow the steps given below to migrate your account.


  • Log into the Play For Work portal with the Google account previously used for configuring AFW and go to Admin Settings.

  • At the bottom, click on the + button next to Admins to add a new user.

  • Enter the new account and click on Invite. It is recommended to use a corporate account than a personal one.

  • You can choose to Delete the previously used Google account, under Edit admin.

  • Confirm action by choosing Delete again to ensure the previous account is removed.

Once you've completed these steps, the account will be migrated but the new account will not be shown on the MDM server.

Note: When Managed Google Play Admin account is migrated to a different user, the Managed Google Play terms of service need to be accepted again by the new user.