How to remove a device from Kiosk Mode?


Kiosk mode is an advanced security feature which lets the IT Administrator lock down managed devices to run a specific app or a set of preselected apps. Kiosk mode ensures users cannot modify device settings, access other features or apps present in the device, besides the one(s) allowed by the IT Administrator. Kiosk mode can be beneficial for single purpose devices such as self check-in kiosks at airports; point-of-sale (POS) terminals at self service restaurants or supermarkets; digital signage used for advertising, etc. In each of these cases, the administration would not want users to exit the designated app(s). To learn more about provisioning managed devices in Kiosk mode, refer the following documents.

At times, it becomes an issue when devices provisioned in Kiosk mode loses contact with the MDM server. This can happen because of various reasons such as faulty internet connections, incorrect wifi configurations, and much more. Since there is no contact with the MDM server, Kiosk mode cannot be revoked from the devices using the server. However, there are OS specific methods on how to get devices out of Kiosk Mode manually.


iOS devices

Follow the steps given below to remove an iOS device from Kiosk mode:

NOTE: This method can be used only if the device was enrolled using Apple Configurator, since the device has already enabled trust for that machine.

  • Connect the iOS device to the Mac machine which was used to enroll the device using a USB cable.
  • On the Mac machine, open Apple Configurator.
  • The connected device will be listed out. Control-click the device name, hover on Remove and select Profiles.
  • Select MDM profile and delete it.

Once the profile is removed, the device will be unmanaged while retaining the data present in it. You can re-enroll the device using either self enrollment or invites to manage the device with supervision. 

NOTE: In case you have applied profiles on the device that restrict it from connecting to other devices, the above mentioned method cannot be used to revoke Kiosk mode. The device must be reset by putting it in Recovery Mode.

Android devices

Follow the steps given below to remove an Android device from Kiosk mode:

  1. A Revoke Administration password is to be set on the server. Follow the steps to find the Revoke Administration password.
  2. If the device is running single app kiosk, tap the home button 4 times.
  3. If the device is running multi-app kiosk, tap the back button or the top of the screen 4 times.
  4. Alternatively, you can long press and hold the volume up button followed by the volume down button (0% to 100% and back) - 6 times, consecutively to open the ME MDM app.
  5. Once this is done, the user will be prompted to enter the Revoke Administration password.

Upon entering the correct password Kiosk Mode will be temporarily disabled on the device.

If further assistance is required, you can contact for MDM On-premises and for MDM Cloud.