How To

    Symantec Endpoint Protection

  1. How to use OS Deployer with Symantec Endpoint Protection?
  2. Ports

  3. What are the ports used by OS Deployer?
  4. Imaging

  5. How to perform online imaging?
  6. How to perform offline imaging?
  7. How to disable BitLocker encryption?
  8. How to manually install image creator components?
  9. How to configure image repository?
  10. How to automate partition shrinking during imaging
  11. How to extend or revert shrunk partitions?
  12. How to defrag partitions?
  13. How to manually shrink partitions using Windows techniques?
  14. How to find disk partition number?
  15. How to migrate images from one repository to another?
  16. User Profile Migration

  17. How to backup User Profiles?
  18. How to migrate User Profiles?
  19. creating-winpe-media

    Drivers Management

  20. How to manage drivers using OS Deployer?
  21. How to configure driver repository?
  22. How to get drivers using vendor make/model/hardware ID?
  23. Deployment Customizations

  24. How to create deployment templates?
  25. How to configure post deployment activities?
  26. How to generate new SID during post deployment activities?
  27. How to automatically name a target computer after deployment?
  28. How to automatically add a target computer under domain after deployment?
  29. How to automatically add user accounts to target computer after deployment?
  30. How to add applications after deployment?
  31. Bootable media creation

  32. How to install WinPE tool?
  33. How to create bootable WinPE media?
  34. How to configure DHCP server?
  35. How to copy media to USB drive connected to remote machine?
  36. How to boot computers using ISO?
  37. How to automate installation of Microsoft Windows deployment toolkit?
  38. Deployment 

  39. How to perform OS deployment using deployment task?
  40. How to deploy a task instantly?
  41. How to perform OS deployment using deployment templates?
  42. How to perform remote office OS Deployment?
  43. How to change keyboard layout after deployment?
  44. How to install Endpoint Central agent after successful OS deployment?
  45. How to deploy images using Zero touch task?

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