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Self Update

Active Directory Self Update Software

Overview of Self Update

ADSelfService Plus empowers end users with real-time web based self service update of user attributes.

Needless to say, saving the help desk and administrators from the near-impossible task of keeping the end users information up-to-date! A critical task, since the user information doubles up as corporate white pages. Administrator can ensure equality of the information with use of pre-defined values for the attributes using the Active Directory self-update software.

Self Update User Information

End user Active Directory self update of own information benefits doubly, the organization and user; helpful when in time of emergency and in need of information and avoids compromising situations due to lack of information. The Active Directory personal info update by fellow employees can be searched with Corporate Directory Search- Filter Based search of co-employees information + Hierarchy in Organization + photos are displayed.

Real Time User Profile Update

Active Directory real time update is the highlight of the web based self service update tool; the Active Directory self update by users are instantly updated to help avoid false data being circulated in critical searches by the Administration orfellow employees. The Key benefits of employee update personal information is thatusers can self update own information, e.g. the crucial user contact update in active directory. Administrators and users benefit from keeping their Active Directory personal info updated.

Modification rules

Modification rules can be set for individual layouts, and the rules will modify specified attributes of users based on the changes made by the users to their personal information. Administrators can set conditions and assign values based on your organization's administrative policies . When users self-update their personal information, the changes are checked with the conditions set by the administrator. If the change satisfies the condition, the values are assigned as specified by the administrator. Learn more about modification rules.

Advantages of Self Service Update - Benefits of Self-user profile Management

  • Employee Self Service - The fields are updated by users themselves and hence more accurate
  • Administrator Self Service - Positive growth charts with information current and up-to-date
  • Emergency Contacts and Personal Information - Reduces conflicts between employees and decision makers due to lack of information and keeps employee profiles up to date.
  • Bye, Bye Help desk! - Support calls to help desk technicians are minimized to a great extent
  • Happy Administration - Smooth and efficient administration and management of users in an enterprise

Know more about the Features & Benefits of Self Service AD Update...

Self service Active Directory update using SharePoint

ADSelfService Plus is integrated with SharePoint as a web-part allowing users to access the self service application with more ease.

Controlled access to restricted attributes

Administrators effectively allow users to self update their details ensuring streamlined information for an efficient Administration and Employee Directory search. The Administrator can apply different Active Directory Self update policies for domains and OUs. ADSelfService Plus enables Administrators to customize the Employee Self update layout by choosing the required fields using the Drag and Drop feature. Administrators can also add Custom Attributes in addition to the General Attributes provided.

These self service Active Directory update can be effectively updated by users themselves by logging on to ADSelfService Plus web portal orSharePoint and updating fields the user is permitted to change. The fields a domain user can change, update or modify are controlled by the administrator from the admin console of the Active Directory Self service software. Allowing users to self update own information results in a smooth administration process.

Controlled access provided to an end user through a web based self service portal, allows for remotely accessible real time employee updated personal information in the Active Directory. A report on which users have updated their user profile and the time of update can also be generated with ADSelfService Plus.

Self Update Audit Report
Self Update Audit Report
AD Employee Self Update
Employee Self Update

Secure portal for employees to update their mobile number, email address, and photos in Active Directory.

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Password self-service

Free Active Directory users from attending lengthy help desk calls by allowing them to self-service their password resets/ account unlock tasks. Hassle-free password change for Active Directory users with ADSelfService Plus ‘Change Password’ console. 

One identity with Single sign-on

Get seamless one-click access to 100+ cloud applications. With enterprise single sign-on, users can access all their cloud applications with their Active Directory credentials. Thanks to ADSelfService Plus! 

Password/Account Expiry Notification

Intimate Active Directory users of their impending password/account expiry by mailing them these password/account expiry notifications.

Password Synchronizer

Synchronize Windows Active Directory user password/account changes across multiple systems, automatically, including Office 365, G Suite, IBM iSeries and more. 

Password Policy Enforcer

Ensure strong user passwords that resist various hacking threats with ADSelfService Plus by enforcing Active Directory users to adhere to compliant passwords via displaying password complexity requirements.

Directory Self-UpdateCorporate Search

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information and a quick search facility to scout for information about peers by using search keys, like contact number, of the personality being searched.

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