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Kokosing Construction Company, Inc. reduces account lockouts with ADSelfService Plus

COMPANY: Kokosing Construction Company, Inc.

INDUSTRY: Construction

LOCATION: Ohio, United States of America

ABOUT COMPANY: Kokosing Construction Company, Inc., established by William Boyd Burgett in 1951, is a privately held contracting and construction management firm. It is headquartered in Westerville, Ohio and has additional offices in West Virgina and Michigan. The company has six divisions: heavy highway, heavy industry, asphalt, marine, utility, and equipment. As a highly diversified general contractor, Kokosing consistently utilizes the vast capabilities of all its divisions on the same project site, performing all job functions in-house and minimizing project costs.

"Several end users have praised the IT Dept. for implementing ADSelfService Plus. Your solution allows them to take care of unlocking accounts themselves, giving the IT Dept. more time to take care of more pressing issues."

John Gallucci III, senior technical support technician at Kokosing.

Business Needs

As one of the largest general contractors in the midwestern United States, Kokosing has a lot of employees. Because they are always on the move, switching back and forth between the construction site and the office, those employees naturally have multiple devices.

Like any large organization, account lockout issues created a major headache for the Kokosing's IT help desk. The employees' multiple devices just made the headache worse.Consequently, their IT help desk's efficiency took a severe beating because the team spent more time on unlocking accounts than any other tickets.

"End users were always getting locked out of their accounts for one reason or another. Usually this was due to having multiple devices," said John Gallucci III, senior technical support technician at Kokosing.


Kokosing was on the lookout for an IT self-service account unlock and password reset solution that would empower users to manage their accounts on their own and free the IT help desk from fielding password-related calls. Having already used ManageEngine products, Kokosing came across ADSelfService Plus, the web-based self-service password reset and account unlock solution for Active Directory. ADSelfService Plus ended up being their final choice as they were impressed with the product's ease of use and its extensive set of features.

"We evaluated no other products, since [ADSelfService Plus] worked for us right away during the evaluation and was simple for our end users to use," remarked Gallucci .

ADSelfService Plus enhances the security of user's self-service operations with multi-factor authentication. It also has login agents to provide access to the self-service portal from the login prompts of various systems and applications. Android and iOS mobile applications empower users to manage their passwords no matter where they are. After taking stock of all these indispensable features, it's no wonder Kokosing decided to go with ADSelfService Plus.

The ADSelfService Plus difference:

ADSelfService Plus effectively solved Kokosing's frequent user account lockout issues. With its intuitive web-based UI, the solution enables end users to address their password issues and not depend on the IT help desk.

The factor that made ADSelfService Plus stand out from the crowd was the ease with which Kokosing's IT help desk was able to deploy the product and get it up and running.

"We really didn’t need much support help to get the product up and running," said Gallucci.

Apart from the self-service password reset and account unlock features, ADSelfService Plus provides a wide array of features including password expiration notification, directory self-update, employee search, password synchronizer, password policy enforcer, single sign-on, and more.

The bottom line:

Kokosing has clearly reaped the benefits of deploying ADSelfService Plus because account lockouts and password resets are no longer a pressing issue for the IT help desk. Nearly 350 employees have successfully enrolled themselves in the self-service application and are already enjoying a hassle-free experience when resetting their own passwords. ADSelfService Plus proved to be the perfect IT self-service tool for Kokosing.

"[ADSelfService Plus] allows users to take care of unlocking accounts themselves, which gives the IT department more time to take care of more pressing issues," explained Gallucci. "Several end users have praised the IT department for implementing this solution."

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ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus is a secure, web-based password reset program for domain users to perform self-password reset, self-account unlock and self-update of personal details in Active Directory. It helps on a large scale to eliminate the leading source of helpdesk calls and associated expenses by automating password resets and account unlocks thereby optimizing employee productivity. Learn more about ADSelfService Plus from our website.

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