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Password Management

Oracle E-Business Suite Active Directory Integration

Oracle E-Business Suite, a comprehensive package of business applications, and Oracle Database are two of Oracle's most widely used applications. If your organization works as a hybrid IT environment with Oracle applications, you could face challenges concerning identity management.

How to integrate Oracle E-Business Suite with Active Directory for Password Sync?

Any corporate IT environment has a multitude of applications running simultaneously. Users are therefore burdened with remembering different passwords for each connected application, all of which adhere to different password policy guidelines. If any mishap occurs, a user's online identity could be stolen and misused, a catastrophe for both the employee and organization. If your organization is Windows Active Directory (AD) based, ADSelfService Plus has a solution.

ADSelfService Plus, the end-user password management tool for Windows Active Directory, now extends its password management capabilities to Oracle E-Business Suite and Database. The real-time password synchronizer updates the Oracle account password when the Active Directory password is changed or reset. Synchronizing native Windows password changes or resets via login screen or ADUC console is accomplished with a password sync agent. Click here to learn more about how the password sync agent works.

By synchronizing passwords for all these applications, a single identity can be maintained across all accounts, thus reducing the risk of an identity crisis. It also relieves the user from remembering multiple passwords.

Reduced password management cost

The most important feature of ADSelfService Plus is that it enables users to change or reset their forgotten or expired passwords without any IT help desk assistance. Once the user verifies their identity either by answering pre-defined security questions or reproducing the verification code sent to their mobile, email, or Google Authenticator, they can manage their account’s password all by themselves. This results in reduced password management cost and increased productivity.

The ADSelfService Plus mobile app allows users to manage their corporate passwords on the go. With this app, users can easily adopt the self-service solution.

Standard time-tested password policies

Poor password policies let users set weak passwords, which make them vulnerable to hackers. One way to overcome threats from hackers is to have strong standard password guidelines for all connected systems. The time-tested password policies of Active Directory can be extended to Oracle applications and other connected systems, thereby providing a secure inter-connected system. Alternatively, custom password guidelines can also be set.


  • Implements a secure, robust, cost-effective, and unified identity solution, in no time.
  • Reduces a major source of help desk calls, and frees up IT administrators to focus on other important tasks.
  • Extends your corporate password complexity rules to Oracle applications and all other connected systems.
  • Ensures that users' passwords for all Oracle applications are changed periodically, in a time span deemed safe by the organization.
  • Makes end-users' lives easier by freeing them from having to remember copious passwords.

Sync AD password changes to Oracle E business accounts using ADSelfService Plus.

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