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Synchronize AD Passwords

Zoho Active Directory Integration

Zoho is a cloud-based business solution provider, with integrated solutions to tackle day-to-day business activities. The Zoho suite consists of a wide range of products that deal with different aspects of business management such as email and collaboration, sales and marketing, and other applications that are essential to the proper functioning of a business.

How to integrate Zoho with Active Directory for Password Sync?

Corporate users have to remember copious passwords, including those for their domain login, Zoho accounts, and any other productivity applications or softwares that the organization might use. Managing so many different passwords is a hassle for users and administrators alike. Multiple passwords equate to a more password reset tickets, which only add to the already over-burdened IT administrator’s workload.

The one password solution from ADSelfService Plus

The pragmatic solution for this quandary is to deploy a password synchronizer tool that will coordinate any password changes made in Active Directory (AD) to the user's linked Zoho accounts. That way, each password will be changed to the corresponding AD password. ADSelfService Plus' password synchronizer does that and more:

  • ADSelfService Plus synchronizes password changes made to AD with the users' Zoho accounts in real-time, sparing users the trouble of remembering a large amount of passwords with varying complexities. ADSelfService Plus' real-time password sync agent captures any change made via login screen or ADUC console, and immediately encrypts and relays that information to all connected applications.
  • ADSelfService Plus' mobile applications allow users to reset passwords and unlock accounts on the go, without having to depend on their IT teams.
  • The security provided by AD's tested and proven domain password policy extends to cover your Zoho accounts, too.
  • The password strengthener feature of ADSelfService Plus allows administrators to set stringent rules for users to reset their passwords and unlock their accounts, securing their passwords, and therefore accounts. To learn more about the password strengthener, click here.
  • ADSelfService Plus synchronizes passwords between other cloud-based and on-premises applications such as Office 365, Google Apps, Microsoft Dynamic CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Azure, IBM i/AS400, HP UX, and more.


  • Implements a secure, robust, cost-effective, and unified identity solution, in no time.
  • Reduces a major source of help desk calls, and frees up IT administrators to focus on other important tasks.
  • Extends the security offered by your default domain policy to include users' Zoho account passwords.
  • Ensures that users periodically change their Zoho passwords in a custom timespan.
  • Makes the life of end-users easier by freeing them from having to remember so many passwords.

Automate password sync across AD and Zoho
with ADSelfService Plus.

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