How to install EC MSP agents on Linux devices?


Endpoint Central MSP helps you in managing your local network, remote office and roaming users seamlessly. Remote office computers can contact the product server either directly or through distribution server. Agent-server communication that happens through distribution server helps in the optimization of bandwidth. This document provides steps for installation of Linux agents in computers that communicate through distribution server.


    1. Configure the linux agent settings before downloading the agent. 
    2. Click the Admin tab. Under SoM Settings, click on Scope of Management.
    3. Click Download Agent.
    4. Click on the name of the remote office in which you want to install an agent. For example, assume that you have two remote offices named Remote Office 1 and Remote Office 2. If you want to install an agent in Remote Office 2, then click on the Download Agent link and then click on Remote Office 2.
    5. It is mandatory to have a Windows system that has SSH access to the systems in which the agent needs to be installed.
    6. Download and extract the Linux Agent Push Installation tool.
    7. Extract the Linux Agent zip that was downloaded in Step 4 and copy the Linux Agent binary, serverinfo.json and certificates to the Linux_Agent_Push_Installation_Tool folder.
    8. To install agents using computers.csv, enter the hostname and optionally the agent installation directory in the sample computers.csv that has been provided and save the file.*
    9. Execute LinuxAgentPushInstaller_32bit.exe. Choose the required option and follow the instructions given in the command window.

Linux Agent Deployment

    1. The credentials that are provided for agent installation in client computers should either have sudo permission or should be of the root user's.
    2. To install agents using IP address, enter the IP range of the computers in which you want to install the agent when prompted.
    3. Endpoint Central MSP agent will be installed remotely in the client machines.

Note: Further details are mentioned in the README.html included with the tool.

You have successfully installed Linux agents in remote office computers that communicate using Distribution Server.

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