How to install EC MSP agents on Mac devices?


Endpoint Central MSP helps you in managing your local network, remote office and roaming users seamlessly. Remote office computers can contact the product server either directly or through distribution server. Agent-server communication that happens through distribution server helps in the optimization of bandwidth. This document provides steps for installation of Mac agents in computers that communicate through distribution server.


    1. Click the Admin tab.
    2. Under SoM Settings, click on Scope of Management.
    3. Click Download Agent.
    4. Click on the name of the remote office in which you want to install an agent. For example, assume that you have two remote offices named Remote Office 1 and Remote Office 2. If you want to install an agent in Remote Office 2, then click on the Download Agent link and then click on Remote Office 2.
    5. Make sure sshpass is installed in the Mac remote office system from which the script will be executed.
    6. Ensure that Remote Login has been enabled in all the managed Mac computers and should be reachable by their machine name.
    7. Execute the script and specify the username and password using which the installation will be carried out. The credentials provided should have sudo permissions.
    8. Prepare a list of computers in which the agent needs to be installed. The computer names or ip addresses should be furnished as new line entries and list should be saved as a text file (.txt).
    9. Give executable permission to the script file in terminal as root/sudo user - chmod +x
    10. Run the script as ./Name_of_the_script Name_of_the_text_file. For example, execute ./ computers.txt.

You have successfully installed Mac agents in remote office computers that communicate using Distribution Server.

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