How do I install agents using IP Range?

IP Range based Agent deployment

When there are numerous endpoints in a workgroup based setup in an enterprise, using IP ranges,addresses or computer names agents can be deployed in bulk to all the devices. 

Installing an agent using IP addresses and IP ranges

You can also install agents using IP addresses and IP ranges by using a .exe file with support files to install agents using a command-line tool.

To install an agent using IP addresses and IP ranges, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the
  2. Extract the zip file ''.
  3. Download the agent. Follow the steps given below:
      1. Navigate to Agent tab.
      2. Click Agent Installation on the left pane
      3. Under Using Active Directory, in the GPO tab, click on Download Agent.
      4. Select the required office. 

    Note: This can be a local office or a remote office depending on which computers you want to install agents in.

  4. Copy and paste UEMSAgent.msi & UEMSAgent.mst files to the extracted InstallAgentViaIP folder.

               Note: If the build version is 10.1.2124.1 and above, kindly include DCAgentServerInfo.json. 

               Note: If the build version is 10.0.653 and above, kindly include DMRootCA.crt and DMRootCA-Server.crt. 

  5. Right click on SetupUtility.bat file with administrative mode.
  6. Choose the required option from the ones listed.

    Agent Installation Via IP

  7. Provide the required details.

    Note: The credentials to be provided for agent installation in client computers should have domain admin permissions.

  8. To install agents using ipaddress.txt, enter the IP address or IP range of the computers in which you want to install the agent and save the file.

    Note:IP addresses of the client computers listed in ipaddress.txt should be mentioned in independent lines.

  9. Then the agent will be installed remotely in the client machines.





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