Uninstall Endpoint Central MSP agents from the remote office computers manually


This document describes the procedure to uninstall Endpoint Central MSP agents installed in remote offices. It is recommended that you uninstall agents from the computers, which you do not want to manage using Endpoint Central MSP, before removing them from the Scope of Management (SoM) page.

Agents that are installed in computers in remote offices cannot be uninstalled directly from the Endpoint Central MSP server. They have to be uninstalled manually.


This section gives you information on how to uninstall agents from each computer in a remote office. To uninstall agents manually from each computer in a remote office, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the script uninstall-dcmsp-agent.txt
  2. Rename it to uninstall-dcmsp-agent.vbs
  3. Run the script in all the computers in a remote office using the command prompt CSCRIPT uninstall-dcmsp-agent.vbs

You have uninstalled agents from computers in a remote office. You can also uninstall agents, simultaneously, from multiple computers using the PsExec Utility.

Uninstalling Agents from Multiple Computers

You can use the PsExec utility to uninstall agents, simultaneously, from multiple computers in a remote office.

Note: If you have multiple remote offices, you must follow the steps given below in each of the remote offices.

  1. Create a network share. For example, \\MyServer\MyShare
  2. Download the script uninstall-dcmsp-agent.txt
  3. Rename it to uninstall-dcmsp-agent.vbs
  4. Save this script in the network share that you have created
  5. Download the PsExec utility from http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb897553.aspx
  6. Run the script using the following command from the DOS prompt

C:\for /f %f in (c:\computernames.txt) do psexec \\%f -u <domain>\administrator -p <password> CSCRIPT \\MyServer\MyShare\UnInstallDCAgent.vbs

Note: In the command mentioned above:

  • computernames.txt contains a list of computers from where the agent has to be uninstalled, which has to be specified with its complete path
  • <domain> refers to the domain or the workgroup admin user name
  • <password> refers to the domain or the workgroup administrator password

You have uninstalled agents simultaneously from multiple computers in a remote office.

Applies to: Agent Uninstallation, Remote Offices

Keywords: Agent Uninstallation in remote offices, Uninstalling agents manually, Uninstalling agents using the PS Exec utility

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