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Install Desktop Central agents using Start Up Script


Desktop Central agents can be installed uisng Windows Start up script, instead of installing them manually on the computers. If your customers have a Windows Domain based network setup, you can use install the Desktop Central agents using Start up script.

Points to Note:

  1. The Agent binary is different for every customer or even for different offices of the same customer.
  2. You should download the appropriate agent of the customer from the Customers page and use it here.
  3. Depending upon the network setup, you can either choose to install the agent to the entire domain or OU


Run the script in a single computer

  1. Download the appropriate DesktopCentralAgent.msi by clicking the "Download Agent" link in the Customers page of the Desktop Central MSP User Interface.
  2. Download the script InstallAgent.txt
  3. Rename it to InstallAgent.vbs
  4. Run the script in each of the client computers from the command prompt: CSCRIPT InstallAgent.vbs DesktopCentralAgent.msi

Run the script in multiple computers using Start Up Script of Active Directory

If you have an Active Directory setup, you can add this as a startup script in all the client computers as below:

Note: If you have already installed the Desktop Central agents in few of the computers, you can still map the script to the whole domain/OU. The script has the intelligence to install the agent only to the computers where the agent is not installed and will skip the rest.
  1. Create a network share (eg. \\MyServer\MyShare).
  2. Download the appropriate DesktopCentralAgent.msi by clicking the Download Agent link in the Customers page of the Desktop Central MSP client. Save the msi in the network share created in step 1.
  3. Start -> Run -> gpmc.msc
  4. Right-click the domain and select "Create and Link a GPO here".
  5. Specify a name for the GPO
  6. Select the GPO from the tree.
  7. Select the Scope tab.
  8. Click the Add button in the Security Filtering to specify the computers.
  9. Click the Object Types button in the "Select User, Computer, or Group" dialog and select Computers object type and click OK.
  10. Specify the computer names and click Check Names to add the required computers.
  11. Click OK to close the "Select User, Computer, or Group dialog".
  12. Right-click the GPO and select Edit.
  13. Expand Computer Configuration --> Windows Settings --> Scripts.
  14. Right-click Startup and select properties.
  15. Click Show Files and drag and drop the InstallAgent.vbs to this location and close.
  16. In the Startup Properties dialog, click Add.
  17. Browse to select the InstallAgent.vbs script.
  18. Specify the Script Parameters as, for example, \\MyServer\MyShare\DesktopCentralAgent.msi. This refers to the shared location where you have stored the Desktop Central Agent.
  19. Click OK to close the Add a Script dialog
  20. Click OK to close the Startup Properties dialog
  21. Close the Group Policy Object Editor
  22. Close the Group Policy Management dialog.

The script will get executed during the next reboot of the client computers. After the execution of the scirpt, the Desktop Central Agents gets automatically installed in all the client computers.

Note: For the script to execute successfully, the file association of .vbs files should be set to "Microsoft Windows (r) Based Script Host" in all the client computers. If this has been modified to some text editor, the scripts will not execute.

Applies to: Agent Installation Failure, Desktop Central Agent Installation

Keywords: Agent Installation, Desktop Central Agent Installation Failure, Installation Failure, Access Denied

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