How to automate the patch deployment process?


This document will guide you through the steps involved in automating the patch deployment using Desktop Central MSP


To automate patch deployment for a set of computers, follow the steps below:

  1. Add your customers and install the agent on your clients' computers that you wish to manage.
  2. Configure the proxy server settings to download the patches from the vendors website.
  3. Schedule Vulnerability update interval to synchronize the details of the latest patches that are made available by the vendors.
  4. Select the Patch Mgmt tab
  5. Click the Automate Patch Deployment link available under Settings in the left pane. This will list the set of tasks that have already been defined.
  6. Click Schedule Patch Task to add a new task.
  7. Name the task and select "Automatically download the missing patches and deploy" as the deployment option.
  8. Choose the interval at which the task should be run.
  9. Select the target computers to be scanned. If required, you can also exclude targets based on Target Type, OS, Machine Type, etc.
  10. Click Create.

The task gets created and all the chosen computers will be scanned at the scheduled intervals for patches and the missing patches gets deployed automatically.


  1. The scanning operation will take fixed time of 2 hours to take into account the agent contact interval of 90 minutes plus an additional scanning buffer of 30 minutes. The patch doenload and deployment will being after 2 hours from the time of the schedule.

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