Readme for Desktop Central MSP 9

Enhancements & Bug fixes between Build 80200 and 90000


  1. Support for database migration from PGSQL to MSSQL has been introduced.
  2. UI localization support has been included for 'German'.
  3. Apache service used in Desktop Central is now upgraded to Apache 2.4.7
  4. Rebranding is now supported in Desktop Central MSP.


  1. Under Customer, ability to identify the live status of the Desktop Central agent has been introduced.
  2. Remote Office Names can now be renamed.
  3. You can now set a remote office as default, to manage computers which does not fall under any IP range.
  4. Issue in creating remote offices using the CSV import has been fixed.


  1. New configurations templates for Windows 8 have been added.
  2. Desktop Central now supports blocking/unblocking Apple USB devices using iTunes.

Patch Management

  1. Support for automating installation of Mac OS X Security Updates has been added.
  2. Ability to uninstall patches has been introduced
  3. Ability to scan for service pack updates has been introduced.
  4. Automatic patch deployment supports deploying 'unrated severity' security patches.
  5. Fetching Patch details in 'All patches' view has been optimised.
  6. Issue in wrongly updating the Patch DB Sync status as successfully synced, when the sync fails due to connection failure has been fixed.
  7. Issue in wrongly listing computers, for which the health status is not available has been fixed.
  8. Issue in wrongly updating the patch download status, for non English patches has been fixed.
  9. Issue in exporting custom group data from 'All systems' view, when the custom group name contains '#' has been fixed.

Software Deployment

  1. Software Deployment for Mac computers has been introduced.
  2. Under Software Deployment, learn more has been introduced for creating packages manually.
  3. Administrators will be allowed to create new packages from a template when the originally created package has been modified to change the location of the software from HTTP to Network Share.
  4. Issue in creating Software Packages through templates while using Google Chrome browser has been fixed.

Inventory Management

  1. Software inventory has been enhanced to detect the software that are installed for specific users.
  2. USB Audit is a new feature introduced to audit the usage of USB devices.
  3. Automatic retrieval of warranty for Mac computers has been introduced.
  4. Automatic retrieval of warranty details for computers has been optimized.
  5. Under Inventory, ability to fetch Mapped Logical Disk and Motherboard has been introduced.
  6. Ability to detect the Processor family details of a Mac computer has been introduced.
  7. Issue in fetching inventory details of a Mac computer has been fixed.
  8. Issue in performing an Inventory scan on Mac computers by clicking the "Scan Now" button when the Mac computers reach the Desktop Central Server using an public IP Address has been fixed.
  9. Automatically fetching warranty information for HP computers has been temporarily stopped.

Mobile Device Management

  1. Mobile Device Management now supports Android.
  2. Desktop Central MDM now provides advanced control over managing Samsung SAFE devices.
  3. Desktop Central now supports Bring Your Own App (BYOA) - Blacklist / Whitelist
  4. Desktop Central now supports Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Self Enrollment
  5. Desktop Central now supports posting MDM Asset data to Servicedesk Plus in integrated mode.
  6. Ability to track the geographic location of devices has been introduced.
  7. Ability to enroll multiple iOS devices using Apple Configurator has been introduced.
  8. MDM now supports managing devices running iOS7.
  9. Ability to reset passcode for Android devices has been introduced.
  10. A new profile to configure the Access Point has been added for iOS devices.
  11. Ability to disable or uninstall a Blacklisted App, on SAFE devices has been introduced.
  12. You will now be able to customize the email content for Enrollment and App Distribution notifications.


  1. Wake On LAN is now supported
  2. 'Remote Shutdown' is now supported for Mac computers.
  3. System Manager is a new feature introduced to view the currently running process and services of remote computers.

Remote Control

  1. Active X Viewer component download location of remote control has been changed to %UserProfile%.
  2. If the computer is updated with latest Java update (Java 7 U 25), issue in initiating remote control session from that computer has been fixed.
  3. While using Remote Control feature, issue in switching between multiple monitors of the remote computer has been fixed.
  4. Issue in viewing the remote control sessions has been fixed.

SDP MSP -DC MSP Integration

  1. ServiceDesk Plus MSP can now share the warranty information from Desktop Central MSP inventory in integrated mode.


  1. Ability to archive the agent logs from Agent Tray Icon has been introduced.
  2. Desktop Central agent service now do not require "Allow service to interact with desktop" option be selected.
  3. Issue in increase of the Desktop Central Agent service logs randomly in few computers has been fixed.
  4. If the agent creation fails, ability to notify the reason for failure and to recreate agent has been introduced.
  5. Issue in displaying currently logged on user names, which contains single character has been fixed.Issue in Agent-Server communication on a Mac when Desktop Central Server should be reached via Public IP Address has been fixed.

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