Configuration issues during Desktop Central Hotfix upgrade


Configurations are not getting applied properly after upgrading to the latest Service Pack.


One possible reason could be that the Desktop Central agents in your clients' computers are not upgraded to the latest.  If agents do get upgraded to the latest version, the Desktop Central MSP Server will continually try to upgrade them without proceeding to applying the configuration.

Note: Whenever there is a change in the version, it gets automatically upgraded during the next user logon in the client machines. It should be noted that the user should have the same or higher privileges as that of the user on whose account that the Desktop Central agent was initially installed.


Check the Agent version from Admin --> Customers link . In case, there is a difference in the Agent version, download the agent manually. For this,

  1. Open a new browser window
  2. Type "http://<desktop central server name>:8020/agent/" in the address bar
  3. Download the agent from here: <Remote_office_name>_DesktopCentralAgent.msi

Now install it in the respective desktop(s). Configuration should get applied properly now.

Applies to: Desktop Central MSP Upgrade, Desktop Central Agent Upgrade

Keywords: Desktop Central MSP, Desktop Central Configuration, Desktop Central Agent Upgrade

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