ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP 8 Service Pack 2 Readme

Enhancements & Bug fixes between Build 80100 and 80204


  1. Now DesktopCentral Supports for PostgreSQL database.
  2. UI localization support has been included for "Simplified Chinese".
  3. Now DesktopCentral Supports Windows 8 Operating System
  4. Agent service is enhanced to recover automatically while crashed.
  5. Desktop Central now supports NTLM Authentication between Desktop Central Server and MS SQL Server.
  6. Data provided in 'Feed Custom Data for computers' can now be listed in SoM computer view.
  7. Option to remember the login credentials has been removed from the Desktop Central login page.
  8. Issue in showing a default value for the User Profile member in User Management configuration while adding multiple operations/actions has been fixed.


  1. Software Metering report has been introduced in Inventory Computer Details page to list the softwares that has been metered for a computer.
  2. Issue in showing a wrong device model for Lenovo computers has been fixed.
  3. Issue in identifying Internet Explorer 8 installed on a computer has been fixed.
  4. Issue in showing duplicate printers connected to a computer has been fixed.


  1. The targets chosen by a technician for a configuration will be remembered for the next configuration he/she defines.
  2. Configurations which were skipped due to agent not-reachable, will be applied as soon as the agent comes live.
  3. Issue in selecting OU with same name while defining a target has been fixed.
  4. Issue in sending the "Not Applicable" status when multiple targets were selected has been fixed.


  1. Automatic Patch Management UI has been enhanced to report the status and details of task.
  2. Issue in selecting computers while clicking on 'Deploy Missing Patches button' has been fixed.

Mobile Device Management

  1. New settings for iOS 6 such as App Lock and Global Proxy Settings have been added.
  2. Support for using dynamic variables in Email and Exchange Active Sync has been added.
  3. You will now be able to enroll multiple mobile devices for the same user.
  4. Issue in Passcode validation has been fixed.
  5. Issue in configuring Email settings on the mobile devices when IMAP option is chosen has been fixed.
  6. Issue in suggesting the apps available in App Store while adding an App to MDM App Repository has been fixed.

Remote Control

  1. Remote Sessions which are idle for a specific time can now be automatically disconnected.
  2. Issue in using 'Ctrl + Alt + Del keys' during remote session, for computers running Windows XP or older versions has been fixed.
  3. Issue in using 'Shift Key' during remote sessions has been fixed.
  4. Issue in 'switching users' during remote session for computers running windows vista and later versions has been fixed.
  5. Issue in closing remote control service while disconnecting remote sessions has been fixed.


  1. Query Report is enhanced to be exported in .pdf format.
  2. Issue in publishing the scheduled reports url in HTTPS mode has been fixed.
  3. Issue in sending an empty XLS file as attachment in scheduled email reports has been fixed.

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