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Unable to reach Endpoint Central MSP Server from Zendesk


You have problems in reaching the server while trying to integrate Endpoint Central MSP app with Zendesk. You are unable to reach Endpoint Central MSP server under the following circumstances -

  1. While configuring EndpointCentral MSP server during the initial setup
  2. While performing desktop management activities for resolving tickets from Zendesk
  3. While mapping Endpoint Central MSP customers with Zendesk Organizations
  4. While accessing Endpoint Central MSP with single sign-on facility


The problems mentioned above could be caused by any of the following reasons -

  1. Endpoint Central MSP server has stopped/not reachable
  2. There is lack of connectivity to the server because it has been shutdown or due to lack of network connectivity between Zendesk and Endpoint Central MSP server.

  3. Self Signed or Third party Security Certificate is not from a trusted authority
  4. The configured host name for Endpoint Central MSP server does not hold a valid certificate.


Upon identifying the cause from the above mentioned list, implement the respective resolution -

Server is not reachable

  1. Start Endpoint Central MSP server.
    • Navigate to Programs from Control Panel.
    • Right click on ManageEngine Endpoint Central MSP server and select Start Service.
  2. Fix network connectivity issues
    • Ensure that there are no connectivity problems in the network between Endpoint Central MSP server and Zendesk.
    • You should be able to reach Endpoint Central MSP server from the machine in which Zendesk is used.

Invalid SSL Certificate

It is recommended to hold a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate signed by a valid Certificate Authority (CA) to secure communication with Endpoint Central MSP server. Learn more

Applies to: Helpdesk integrations, Endpoint Central MSP - Zendesk integrations, Server reachability

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