Choosing AD Connector-How To

How to Choose an AD Connector?


A major challenge that MSPs face is the inability to leverage the complete functionalities of an AD based setup to perform day-today management activities as the product server is outside the network. This complicates even simple tasks that needs to be accomplished. To bridge this gap, Endpoint Central MSP has come up with a component called the AD Connector which acts as a communicator between the product server and the Domain Controller of an organisation. It is mandatory for the AD connector to be one of the Distribution Servers (DS) within the organisation.

Note: The Distribution Server chosen can be that of a remote office too, given that the Domain Controller is accessible to the Distribution Server.


  1. Open the Admin tab from the console.
  2. Navigate to: Global Settings-->Domain.
  3. Choose the Distribution Server that will act as the AD Connector from the AD Connector drop down menu.
  4. Alternatively, you can select the AD connector from: Admin-->Scope of Management-->Computers-->Add computer-->AD Connector Drop down menu.

  5. Note:
    Once an AD Connector is set, it cannot be removed. However, for the convenience of retiring machines that act as AD Connector (or deleting the remote office which contains the same), one can change the AD Connector to another machine by following the above mentioned steps. Uninstallation of a Distribution Server or deletion of the remote office can only be done after this.

You have now successfully selected an AD connector for an organization.


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