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How do I install Libre Office 3.3 using Endpoint Central MSP?


This document provides steps required to install Libre Office 3.3 in multiple computers in your network using the Software Deployment feature of Endpoint Central MSP.


To install Libre Office 3.3 in multiple computers in your network, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download the Libre Office zipped file from
  2. Save it locally, in your computer
  3. Extract the contents of LibO_3.3.1_Win_x86_install_multi.exe
  4. Download the script libreoffice.txt
  5. Rename it to libreoffice.vbs

    Note: The file name should be the same as it was when you downloaded it. Change only the extension from txt to vbs.

  6. Add the package to Endpoint Central MSP. Follow the steps given below:
    1. Select the Software Deployment tab
    2. Click Add Package
    3. Set the package type to MSI
    4. Specify the name of the application as LibreOffice
    5. Set the path type to Network Path. For more information about creating a network share, read Configure a Network Share for a Software Repository . To view a video about the importance of having a common software repository click here.
    6. In the MSI File Name with Network path field, enter the path to the MSI file—libreoffice33.msi, which is available in the folder in which you extracted the contents. For example, \\DC-WINDOWS7\Softwares\Libre\Extracted\libreoffice33.msi.
    7. In the Advanced Options section, check the Run the Script before Installing Software checkbox
    8. In the Script/Software namefield, enter %windir%\system32\cscript.exe "\\DC-WINDOWS7\Softwares\Libre\libreOffice.vbs"

      Note: The working directory should be the immediate folder of the MSI file. For example, "\\DC-WINDOWS7\Softwares\Libre\Extracted". If you use the Browse button to add the path to the folder, ensure that you add %windir%\system32\cscript.exe before the path.

    9. Click Add Package
  7. Select the package that you added
  8. Click Install/Uninstall Software
  9. Select the required computers
  10. Click Deploy

You have installed Libre Office 3.3 in multiple computers in your network. The settings will reflect in the client computers during the agent's 90-minute refresh cycle, during startup or during logon—whichever takes place earlier.

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