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Inventory Scanning Failure

Failure to scan inventory manually


You try to complete inventory scanning manually. However, this fails and you see the error 'Scanning Timed Out' on the screen.


Manual Inventory Scanning will fail due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Data is blocked by the firewall on the computer on which the Desktop Central MSP server is installed
  • Scanning fails on computers running in remote offices
  • Multiple IP addresses have been enabled in the computer in which the Desktop Central MSP server is installed
  • Binaries of the agents of DesktopCentral are not available in the computers in which manual scanning failed
  • Note: dcpatchscan.exe in case of Patch scanning failure or dcinventory.exe in case of inventory scan failure).

  • DesktopCentral agent installed on the computers in which manual scanning failed could be corrupted


To resolve this error, do the following:

  • Unblock firewall ports: Ensure that the following ports are added to the exception list of the firewall in the computer in which the Desktop Central MSP server is installed
    • 8040: Used for agent-server communication and to access the Web console
    • 8057: Used to complete on-demand tasks like inventory scanning, patch scanning, remote control, remote shutdown and moving agents from one remote office to another
  • Ensure Desktop Central MSP agent runs on remote computers: Check if the computers in remote offices are switched on when the scanning is performed. Ensure that the 'ManageEngine Desktop Central MSP - Remote Control' service is running in the computers in the remote office.
  • Eliminate issues that arise because of multiple IP addresses: When the computer, in which the Desktop Central MSP server is installed, has multiple IP Addresses, like a virtual adapter or two NICs, disable them
  • Check for missing binariesor corruption: Check the agent binaries under %systemdrive%\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Agent\bin folder. The folder should contain dcinventory.exe. If this exe is not available in the folder, you have to reinstall the agent.

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