MSP Billing

Introduction to MSP Billing

The primary objective of Endpoint Central MSP is to simplify the job of a Managed Service Provider (MSP) by helping them manage multiple customers from a single console. The endpoints are managed efficiently from a central location, for which several desktop management tasks are performed on a daily basis. The MSP is responsible for providing a defined set of managed services either proactively or as and when needed.

Need for automated billing process

The IT services provided are charged at a fixed rate. In such cases, invoicing customers on time and accurately is extremely important. The manual process of billing is quite time consuming and most importantly, it is prone to delinquencies. Managing the bill information of several customers, notifying them to pay the bill before due date and maintaining a track of the payments made is nothing short of a cumbersome task. Apart from billing being a recurring revenue, manual billing becomes difficult with the growth of customer base.

Considering these pain points, the billing feature of Endpoint Central MSP will help an IT admin in shifting the focus from the minutiae of bill payments to delivering the best of your services.

Billing made easy with Endpoint Central MSP

  • The first step would be to create a service plan that defines the cost per computer.
  • The next step will be associating the service plan with a customer. A service plan can be associated with more than a single customer.
  • Few attributes such as the billing cycle, the number of due days and the E-mail to which the bill needs to be sent, have to be provided while associating. Based on these parameters, the bill will be generated.
  • While dissociating a service plan, the customers who need to be dissociated from the plan should be specified.
  • Save time and achieve greater visibility by downloading the consolidated bill.

Steps to add Service plan

  • Navigate to the Admin tab and under Customers, select Billing.
  • Go to Service Plan and click on Add Service Plan.
  • Provide the required details and add the service plan.

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