Patch Deployment Failure Invalid

Patch Installation Failure


Patch Deployment, Automated Patch Deployment, Service Pack Installation fail with error - "%1 is not a valid Win 32 application" (or) "The data is invalid" (or) "Data of this type is not supported".


You will encounter this error if the patch download is incomplete during patch deployment due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • Endpoint Central MSP Server goes down while downloading the patches/service packs.
  • Internet Connection is lost during the download process.
  • Connection refused by Microsoft Download Server.


Try re-downloading the patches to solve the issue. To do this,

Go to Patch Mgmt > Downloaded Patches > Select and Delete the patch and re-deploy the configuration.

If this does not solve the issue, then ensure the proxy credentials specified under Admin > Proxy Settings is valid. If you are confident with the credentials, then check the patch size. If the patch size seems to be valid, re-deploy the configuration.

In case the configuration still fails, contact support.

Applies to: Patch Management, Service Pack Installation, Automated Patch Deployment

Keywords: Patch Management, Patch Deployment Failure, SP Installation Failure, Scheduled Patch Deployment Failure

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