Patch Management Vulnerability Connection

Vulnerability Database not getting updated - "Unable to establish direct connection"


Vulnerability Patch DB Update fails with error message -"Unable to establish direct connection".


One possible reason could be that your Network Firewall is blocking the data as,

  1. The firewall does not allow communication through port 443 and 80
  2. "" is not added to the exception list of your network firewall.


  1. Open the ports 443 and 80 to allow the firewall to communicate.
  2. Add "" to the exception list of your firewall. Ensure that your proxy server allows downloading the following files:
    • .xml
    • .sql
    • .gz
    • .zip
    • .7z
    • .dll
    • .json
    • .exe
    • .vbs
    • .sh
    • .txt
    • .bat
    • .bash
    • .ps1

Applies to: Patch Management, Vulnerability Database Update

Keywords: Patch Management, Patch Deployment Failure, Firewall

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