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There are several other out-of-the-box reports through which a vendor can manage clients on the go. From patch reports, power management reports, asset reports to custom query reports, one can have granular and up-to-date data about the endpoints they are managing. Some examples of reports and their advantages are as follows:

Patch Reports

Patching is an integral part of any organization. It keeps your network safe and secured from malware as well as ransomware attacks. Patch reports helps you

  • Keep a tab on all your unpatched machines
  • Get a status on vulnerable patches
  • Track missing patches
  • Systems requiring reboot
  • and more..

Mobile Device Management Reports

As firms grow, their need for devices grow as well. MDM is a necessity for most of the growing firms out there. The MDP reports provides you data such as

  • Apps by devices
  • Blacklisted apps and devices using such apps
  • Jail Broken devices
  • Devices by model and with/without specific apps
  • and more..

Asset Report

Managing assets is not an easy task when you're running a MSP. However it becomes a piece of cake with Endpoint Central MSP. Some of the capabilities are

  • Computer by OS
  • Computer by Manufacturer
  • Computer with or without specific software
  • Software by manufacturer
  • and more..

Log-on/Log-off report

If you're a firm or a MSP who wants to know the whereabouts of your end-user then this report right here is perfect for you. It has several other benefits such as

  • Tracking user log-in and log-out times to improve productivity and revenue
  • For power management activities and reduce overheads expenses
  • To detect and investigate suspicious user activity
  • To decrease the cost of compliance
  • and more..

So much more can be achieved from out-of-the-box reports of Endpoint Central MSP. These reports can be downloaded in the form of xlsx, pdf, or csv making your work easier than ever.


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