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How to use ISS files in deploying Software?

EXE files created using InstallShield can be installed silently by creating ISS files (answer files). Deploying InstallShield EXE files silently has two parts:

  1. Recording the inputs in n file (ISS) using a single computer
  2. Using the ISS file created in step 1 to install the software using Endpoint Central MSP on multiple computers

Note: The example shown below is for installing VNC. The same method can be followed for any InstallShield Setup.exe files.

Step I - Recording the inputs in a file (ISS) using a single computer

  • Goto Command (Start -> Run -> cmd) prompt .
  • Navigate to the folder (ex.C:\software\Winvnc)
  • Type in C:\software\Winvnc\Setup.exe /r /f1”c:\software\Winvnc\silentinstall.iss”
  • You'll be asked for inputs on confirmation , installation directory. etc., (make sure you provide details which can be commonly used on other computers also).
  • Once the installation is over, check the c:\software\Winvnc\ folder for silentinstall.iss

Step II - Using the ISS file to install the software in multiple computers

  • While creating an EXE Package, upload both the Setup.exe and silentinstall.iss files
  • Configure the 'Installation Command with Switches/Arguments' Setup.exe /s /f1"silentinstall.iss"
  • Now create configuration and install the software

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