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Can I clean up the temp directory and make some registry changes after deploying a software?


After installing a software application, you might need to perform certain actions like

  • Cleaning up the TEMP directory
  • Making some registry changes on the client computer
  • Update your licensing and software inventory records


You can use choose to run a post-installation script in Software Deployment to perform these actions. To run a post-installation script, you need the following:

  1. You should have your own script to perform the desired action
  2. The script file should be uploaded to Endpoint Central MSP Server along with the software binaries while creating the package.
  3. The path to the script engine for executing the script should be provided. For example, if you specify a VB Script, you should specify the path like $SystemDrive\Windows\cscript. The script engine should be available at the same location in all the target computers.
  4. Specify the Pre-Installation script while creating the package. For example, if you have uploaded a test.vbs script, specify like $SystemDrive\Windows\cscript test.vbs

Now, when you deploy this package using Install Software Configuration, the script will get executed after successful installation of the software. However, you will not be able to revert the installation if the script execution fails.

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