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Software Deployment How To's

I need to check for availability of the Software or the hard disk space prior to installing a software. How can I get this done?


Prior to deploying a software on the client computers, you might need to perform some check on the client computer like

  • Checking whether the software is already installed on that computer
  • Available free disk space

You can choose to continue or abort the installation based on the result of the tests.


You can use choose to run a pre-installation script in Software Deployment to perform these checks. To run a pre-deployment script, you need the following:

  1. You should have your own script to perform the desired action
  2. The script file should be uploaded to Endpoint Central MSP Server along with the software binaries while creating the package.
  3. The path to the script engine for executing the script should be provided. For example, if you specify a VB Script, you should specify the path like $SystemDrive\Windows\cscript. The script engine should be available at the same location in all the target computers.
  4. Specify the Pre-Installation script while creating the package. For example, if you have uploaded a test.vbs script, specify like $SystemDrive\Windows\cscript test.vbs

Now, when you deploy this package using Install Software Configuration, the script will get executed and the software deployment will either proceed or get aborted based on the output of the script.

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