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Software Installation Timeout

Software Deployment failure - Process Time Out


The Wait Option has been timed out during Software Installation.


You may encounter the "Process Time Out" error during Software deployment when:

  1. The installation is waiting for user input
  2. The installation could not be completed within one hour (default timeout) due to reasons like High CPU Utilization rate or Network Traffic  related issues or if the software requires more than an hour to be installed.


Rule out Silent Installation Switch issues

Try installing the application manually in one computer using the specified silent switches options. You should not get any pop up during the installation. In case you get pop-ups, then check from the software vendor, whether the switches are valid.

Resolve network traffic/CPU utilization issues

Ensure the installation happens at a time when there is less CPU utilization and during non-working hours(off-business hours) so as to avoid Network Traffic related issues. Now, try installing the application manually in one computer using the specified silent switches options . If the software still takes more than an hour for deployment, contact support with the following details:

  1. Log files from Desktop Central MSP Server.
  2. Log files from Desktop Central Agent pertaining to the computer where installation has failed.
  3. The Software Package that you were trying to install.

Applies to: Software Installation, Software Installation failure, Process Time Out Error, Software Deployment Status

Keywords: Software Installation Failure, Deploy Software, Install Software on Remote desktops, Software Distribution Status

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