Software Deployment Failure

Software Deployment failure - Unknown Error Code


You are unable to deploy software and you get the message - Failed with an unknown error, during the process.


You will encounter this as a result of some specific error related to the application being installed. The reason may be as follows:

  1. Application is already installed in the client computer and you want to reinstall the same.
  2. User Privilege issues to install software.
  3. Rejection of a related pop-up by the end user during installation.
  4. Inability to extract file onto the folder due to insufficient disk space.


To eliminate Software Deployment failure with Unknown Error Code error message, try the following options:

Remove files of earlier installations before Reinstallation

Software that were not removed completely from Add/Remove programs, can create problems when you try to do software deployment. Use Microsoft’s Windows Installer Cleanup utility to remove traces of previous installations. This utility does not remove files installed by the installation, which may need to be removed manually. Once removed, try reinstalling the software.

Ensure the User account has administrative privileges to install software

If you are running your installation on a Windows machine, you are more than likely the administrator of your computer. Follow these steps to confirm administrative rights on your computer:

  1. Select Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.
  2. In the Computer Management dialog, click on System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users.
  3. Right-click on your user name and select Properties.
  4. In the properties dialog, select the Member Of tab and make sure it states "Administrator".

Ensure there are no problems with silent switches

Try installing the application manually in one computer using the silent switches. In case you get pop-ups, then check from the vendor, whether the switches are valid. Else inform the user in prior to accept any pop-up that may appear.

Ensure there is enough disk space for file extraction

Most software get extracted in the drive where the OS is installed and are then copied to the destination directory. So even if the destination drive has enough space, you are likely to get this error. Clear some files from the OS installed drive and try deploying the software.

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