System Requirements

Desktop Central MSP - System Requirements

The system requirements for using Desktop Central MSP include the following:

Hardware Requirements

This section gives you information about the hardware requirements for distribution servers, MSSQL database, Desktop Central servers and agents.

1 to 250 computers
251 to 500 computers
501 to 1000 computers
1001 to 3000 computers
3001 to 5000 computers
5001 to 10000 computers
10001 to 15000 computers
15001 to 20000 computers
20001 to 25000 computers
25001 to 30000 computers
Above 30000 computers
Distribution Server

Note: If Desktop Central server is hosted within a VM instance, the required hardware resources must be exclusively available for Desktop Central server to function seamlessly.

Software Requirements

This section gives you information about the software requirements for Desktop Central Server, Agent and Distribution Server.

Supported Operating Systems
Supported Browsers
Supported Database
Supported Web Servers

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