Endpoint Central MSP - Zendesk integration

Integrating Zendesk with Endpoint Central MSP


Endpoint Central MSP is a feature galore for managing multiple client networks from a single console. Integrating Zendesk with Endpoint Central MSP makes the life of a Zendesk administrator trouble-free and uncomplicated.

Why should I integrate?

Endpoint management operations can be performed from Zendesk console with single sign-on feasibility for resolving tickets. Imagine how efficient your Zendesk console would be if it could do more than just handle tickets! If you find yourself in any one of the following situations, Endpoint Central MSP - Zendesk integration is the apt solution.

  1. Troubleshoot anytime, anywhere with the help of advanced remote control. The recorded session will be added to the session notes for future references. Additionally, ticket status will be updated upon completion of a remote session.
  2. Powerful system manager tools aid in handling services remotely & execution of scripts or batch files in the command prompt of the target machine. Tickets can be resolved without the need for logging into the machine.
  3. Asset Mapping provides complete system details of the target system before fixing an issue.
  4. Endpoint Central MSP customers can be created in one-shot for all the corresponding Zendesk organizations, using Organization-Customer mapping.
  5. Automated patch deployment for Windows, Mac, Linux and 350+ third party applications.
  6. Business-critical applications can be deployed to all the computers from the ticketing console. Besides, the process of deploying software can be tailor-made for clutter-free deployment from the ticket.
  7. Asset Management helps to gain better visibility over IT assets, manage software licenses, meter software usage & procure audit-ready reports

Download Endpoint Central MSP app from Zendesk marketplace and venture into the intricacies of the integration.

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