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The new remote work norm in the wake of COVID-19 caught organizations around the globe completely off guard. Many of them barely had a contingency plan when they were bowled over by this sudden shift. Needless to say, security and IT admins are stressed out over managing and securing the sudden surge in remote endpoints.

"92% of IT professionals are concerned about the security of company-owned devices used from home and connected to a home network."
- Spiceworks.

These unprecedented challenges call for the right tools. Fortunately, ManageEngine's endpoint management and security solutions come to the rescue. Perfectly equipped to handle remote workforces, our solutions help oversee your organization's remote endpoints, facilitate optimum productivity, maintain cyber hygiene, efficiently onboard new hires, and ensure more peace of mind for you and your IT team.

ManageEngine's 3 dimensional approach to effective remote work

Maintain business continuity

Dispel administration complexities

Enhance end-user experience

Keep your endpoint management and security routines unbroken while you transition to remote work.

No matter your location, you can access all ManageEngine solutions simply with a web console. The architecture supports mobile devices and remote users, plus you can manage to your end users across the globe. Moreover, you can enable Secure Gateway to safeguard your remote connections.

With an uninterrupted visibility made possible by remote agents, you can oversee remote endpoints and regularly keep an inventory of hardware and applications running in them.

Our completely automated solutions help you orchestrate endpoint management and security routines without intervention from your remote admins, so that you can focus on more pressing matters.

Active Directory-integrated enrollment enables you to effortlessly onboard personal devices through email. You can enable users to enroll their personal devices on their own through the self-service portal.

Onboarding can be carried out efficiently by IT admins even for remote workers. The process begins with managing desktops, laptops, virtual machines, servers, browsers, and mobile devices with remote agents when the devices are connected to the corporate domain.

Our endpoint management and security solutions are built to support heterogeneous, disparate environments, ranging from major operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux, to mobile device operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.

With the failover server set up to take over in case the primary server fails, and database backups in place, you can keep your business running without impacting your crucial business operations.

Now system administrators can manage and secure remote users anywhere, anytime from a single pane of glass.

  • Keep your remote endpoints patched around the clock with remote agents, without having to wait for them to log on to your network via VPN.
  • Prevent productivity dips by prohibiting unnecessary applications like games and media players so that employees remain focused even if they aren't physically present in the premises.
  • Get new endpoints up and running in a few minutes by automating OS deployment along with essential applications, and preset configurations as a part of onboarding.
  • Distribute mission-critical browser extensions to devices remotely with an extension repository.
  • Lock down mobile devices and laptops to run specific applications with kiosk mode.
  • Conduct regular cyber hygiene measures like vulnerability management and browser security to protect against known and emerging threats when your endpoints are exposed to the internet.
  • Enforce stringent password policies and security hardening measures for browsers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices to establish a secure foundation.
  • Limit users to authorized websites, whitelisted applications, and trusted removable devices to minimize your attack surface.
  • Geographically locate devices and set virtual boundaries. Define policies, and run remote commands to facilitate proactive and reactive security for corporate devices.
  • Secure corporate documents on mobile devices by restricting cloud backup and unauthorized access by third-party apps.
  • Remotely view or take control of the endpoints to identify and fix issues in real time.
  • Collaborate with other technicians with built-in chat or initiate a voice/video call to procure additional information while troubleshooting.
  • Troubleshoot multiple active monitors connected to the target machine.
  • Expedite your troubleshooting process by transferring all the necessary files during a remote session.
  • Initiate remote power options to wake, shut down, restart, lock, and hibernate machines.

End users can now enjoy the comfort of working from home with an added layer of security.

The self-service portal empowers remote users to access specific application available to them, request temporary access for USB devices, or enroll their personal mobile devices on their own.

Blacklisting unessential applications can minimize the number of required updates, and ensure greater bandwidth efficiency for your remote users.

Enable your users the flexibility of browsing the web but prevent them from downloading malicious files from untrusted sites. You can also add SaaS applications as bookmarks and distribute them to endpoints for easy access.

Users can be provided application-specific privileges to reduce the likelihood of credential compromise.

Containerization allows you to encrypt and store confidential data on employees' mobile devices, while giving them complete privacy over personal data.

What are you waiting for? Kick-start endpoint management and security with the extensive array of solutions offered by ManageEngine.

Endpoint Central

A complete Unified Endpoint Management tool

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Mobile Device Manager Plus

Enterprise mobile device management solution.

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Endpoint Central MSP

Remote monitoring and management software.

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Remote monitoring and management software.

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OS Deployer

Comprehensive solution to automate disk imaging and OS deployment.

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Remote Access Plus

Troubleshoot remote computers from a central location.

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Patch Manager Plus

An all-round patching solution

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Patch Connect Plus

All that you need for efficient third-party patch management.

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Browser Security Plus

Protect sensitive enterprise data from security breaches.

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Vulnerability Manager Plus

Prioritization-focused threat and vulnerability management.

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Device Control Plus

DLP software to secure enterprise data.

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Application Control Plus

A virtual checkpoint for all your applications.

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