How to deploy a data loss prevention policy?

Steps to deploy a policy using Endpoint DLP Plus 

The steps to deploy a data loss prevention policy are as below:

  1. Select the Policies tab.
  2. Under Policy Deployment select Associate Policy to create a new policy.
  3. Select the Custom Group to which you want to deploy the policy.
  4. Under Data Discovery, add data rules and extensions for which you want the policy to be applied. You can add existing data rules or create a new one.
  5. Under Data Loss Prevention, set permissions for devices and applications. Choose the applications that are enterprise approved for transfer of sensitive data under trusted applications.
  6. Under Settings, you can
    • Enable source based classification by marking the files originating from enterprise apps or corporate web domains/emails as sensitive by default.
    • Allow privileged users to override false positives automatically.
    • Click on Configure consent settings and grant permissions.
    • Save after you complete.