Discover your cloud app usage and stay on top of the cloud


    Cloud usage monitoring

    Monitor all accessed cloud apps, with details on their reputation score, category, and the employees accessing them.


    Cloud app control

    Control cloud usage by sanctioning and banning applications with help from built-in threat analytics.


    Shadow IT detection

    Expand your cloud discovery horizon with intricate insights on the usage of shadow IT applications.

Meticulously monitor the cloud with our cloud app discovery tool

Gain visibility into actors, domains and cloud apps

  • Get a holistic view of the domains accessed

    Leverage the cloud application report for insights on frequently accessed domains, types of applications accessed, and upload and download activities performed through your gateway servers.

  • Identify employees using cloud applications

    Spot critical events such as employees uploading large volumes of data onto cloud applications or accesses during non-business hours.

  • Analyze cloud usage

    Use the app category and reputation parameters to ascertain the type of cloud applications accessed—such as streaming media or games—and regulate their usage.


Administer discovered applications

  • Allowlist cloud applications

    Easily curate a database of secure and business-relevant cloud applications with the help of built-in threat analytics, and sanction their usage to boost productivity.

  • Supervise shadow IT usage

    Detect the use of shadow IT applications to understand the IT requirements of your employees, expand your IT arsenal, and prevent potential data leaks.

  • Ban vulnerable applications

    Prevent your employees from accessing or uploading corporate data via high-risk applications by blocking their usage in real time.

Obtain a panoramic view of cloud usage with our cloud app discovery tool

DataSecurity Plus' cloud app discovery tool provides you with actionable insights on cloud applications, domains, and actors.

  • Monitor cloud usage Consolidate your sensitive data
  • Assess the actorsAssess the actors
  • Control cloud usage Control cloud usage
Dig deep into domains

Gain a comprehensive understanding of domains accessed, encompassing attributes such as reputation range, access time, and upload or download size.

Choose what to view

Leverage the filters to generate a plethora of views and dashboards to drill down to the information you need.

Classify based on relevance

Determine the business relevance of domains accessed and classify them into sanctioned or banned applications.

Monitor file storage
Analyze employee cloud usage

Get insights on employee access to cloud apps and their download activities, and access the apps to identify the scope of any insider threat.

Rate actors based on app reputation

Identify high-risk employees by assessing the reputation ranges of the applications they visit.

Optimize disk space usage
Take charge of cloud usage

Configure cloud DLP policies to restrict employees from uploading business-critical data onto non-business applications, and prevent data loss.

Curate and configure

Choose from a myriad of preconfigured suites and cloud applications or leverage custom filters to meet specific cloud DLP needs.

Ensure disk space availability

An all-in-one solution packed with powerful features



    Sensitive data discovery

    Locate and classify files containing sensitive personal data, such as PII, ePHI, and PCI.




    Prevent sensitive data leaks via email, web applications, USB devices, and more.



    Web monitoring

    Detect the transfer of data to and from the web by monitoring upload and download activities.


    Email DLP

    Audit the usage of Outlook across endpoints and prevent data leaks via emails.



    File integrity monitoring

    Track all file modifications made, with details on who accessed what file, when, and from where.



    Ransomware detection

    Spot and shutdown potential ransomware attacks instantly with automated threat responses.

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