Examine file permissions and optimize disk space
with file analysis software

  •   Analyze ROT data
  •   Manage duplicate files
  •   Analyze disk usage
  •   Examine security permissions
  •   Assess permission hygiene
  •   Identify overexposed files

Analyze ROT data

  • Locate redundant, obsolete, and trivial (ROT) data, and remove it from your file servers to avoid performance issues in primary storage.
  • Receive alerts about storage policy violations such as employees hoarding large documents, personal files, media, or other non-essential files.
  • Cut down the need to buy additional storage by removing files with no business value, such as orphaned and temporary files.
  • Analyze the number of stale, duplicate, and non-business files added annually to your Tier-1 storage with informative charts.
  • Spot and remove empty folders owned by employees or left behind by uninstalled software to decongest storage.
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Manage duplicate files

  • Get a bird's-eye view of redundant files in enterprise storage with DataSecurity Plus' central duplicate files report.
  • Compare attributes such as file size, last modification time, and file name to spot duplicate files with targeted precision.
  • Know how many copies of a duplicated file exist, where, who owns each copy, and other details necessary for easy analysis.
  • Streamline duplicate file management by selecting the copies you want to remove and deleting them right from the report.
  • Maintain an audit trail of which technician deleted a duplicate file using DataSecurity Plus' technician audit reports.
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Analyze disk usage

  • Get a quick snapshot of your storage ecosystem, and drill down using the tree view to analyze each server, folder, and file.
  • List all file shares, open files, active sessions, junction points, and more for deeper insight into how disk space is utilized.
  • Generate useful reports on files with a particular extension, owned by a specific user, or corresponding to other metadata.
  • Identify the employees whose files take up the most space in organizational storage; analyze the largest files, and take the necessary remedial actions.
  • Receive information on the location, size, and ownership of hidden files to ensure that they are benign and not hidden by malicious users or software.
  • Analyze the size of file shares in your domain, the number of files and folders within each share, and who has what permissions.
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Examine security permissions

  • Review access rights and identify exploitable vulnerabilities easily by pulling up instant NTFS and share permission reports when needed.
  • Analyze effective permissions easily with rapid, on-demand reports, and ensure that users only have the access rights required for their roles.
  • Identify privileged users with unrestricted access to critical files, review whether they need those privileges, and restrict access wherever necessary.
  • Get an overview of the number of files owned by a user, their sizes, and their locations with a comprehensive ownership analysis report.
  • Set up subscriptions to file permissions reports to spot and plug security vulnerabilities, and reduce your potential attack surface.
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Assess permission hygiene

  • Spot vulnerable files such as those owned by stale, disabled, deleted, and other inactive user accounts.
  • List file shares, report share permissions, and track who has what level of access to a shared folder to enable better file share management.
  • Get effective permissions reports delivered to your mailbox, and continuously verify that the principle of least privilege is maintained in your enterprise.
  • Avoid compliance penalties by verifying that sensitive and business-critical files can only be accessed by users with legitimate needs.
  • Identify broken permission inheritance and other instances of permission inconsistencies that allow users access to data they don't need access to.
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Identify overexposed files

  • Define what permissions are excessive in your environment to receive tailored reports that help administrators identify overexposed files easily.
  • Locate file security risks such as users who have full control access to a file that they do not own or files that are accessible to every employee.
  • Identify files owned by former employees, analyze whether they are still relevant to your business, and use the information to reclaim or purge them as necessary.
  • Spot violations of your organization's file security policy, such as files allowing unrestricted access to a user or group.
  • Minimize the threat posed by insiders by limiting excessive access rights wherever they are identified by DataSecurity Plus.
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Get quick insights with comprehensive file analysis software

Strengthen control over your unstructured data with a file analysis solution that provides insights and analytics to help
manage junk files, enable effective storage planning, and ensure file security.

  • Analyze file storagefile analysis software
  • Deduplicate filesfile analysis software
  • Optimize disk space usagefile analysis software
  • Analyze NTFS permissionsfile analysis software
  • List effective permissionsfile analysis software
Storage analysis tool

Understand your storage better with insights into file count and volume shown in graphs and charts.

Junk file finder

Identify trivial, stale, non-business, and other junk files, and manage them according to your organization's needs.

File tree view

Scan through the storage and security properties of directories right down to the file level.

file analysis software
Duplicate file finder

List duplicate files with details on the number of copies, their location, and size.

Easy deduplication

Manage duplicate files easily by deleting copies right from the user interface.

file analysis software
Disk usage analysis

Receive detailed reports on disk space availability, usage, storage density, and more.

File type analyzer

Get useful insights into the distribution of files by their type, category, and other attributes.

Storage consumption review

Identify the users whose files take up the most space in enterprise storage.

file analysis software
NTFS permissions reporting tool

Get an overview of the permissions associated with every file and folder right from the dashboard.

Permission analyzer

Identify security vulnerabilities such as broken inheritances and files allowing unrestricted access to users.

File ownership analysis

Know the number and size of files owned by each user in your domain.

file analysis software
Effective permissions tool

Generate reports on users' effective permissions to critical folders, and check if only the least privilege necessary is applied.

On-demand security reports

Run a secure ship with instant, informative reports on privileged users, shared files, orphaned files, and more.

file analysis software

With DataSecurity Plus' File Analysis tool, you can:

  • 01Pinpoint the location of old, stale, and unmodified files in enterprise storage.
  • 02Find, report on, and manage duplicate files right from the user interface.
  • 03Spot empty and orphaned files, temporary files, and other unnecessary data debris.
  • 04Track trends in disk space growth, and stay on top of storage availability issues.
  • 05Know which employee is hoarding personal files in enterprise storage.
  • 06Analyze shared folders to find their size, review share permissions, and more.
  • 07Report on NTFS and effective permissions, and find privileged users in a domain.
  • 08Locate broken inheritances, excessive access rights, and other permission hygiene issues.
  • 09Analyze file ownership and know the number and size of files owned by each user.
  • 10List every file share, open file, junction point, open session, and more on demand.

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