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Belden + ADManager Plus

Belden strikes the balance between simplicity and flexibility with ADManager Plus

Belden, a manufacturing company, uses ADManager Plus to automate Active Directory(AD) management tasks with ease and to bolster their AD security.

Bidding adieu to
PowerShell scripts
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  1. Country USA
  2. industry Manufacturing
  3. Employees 5,000-10,000

Belden Inc., a global leader in end-to-end signal transmission solutions is dedicated to creating next-generation networking, connectivity, and cybersecurity technologies.

Business challenges

  • Disabling user accounts to prevent any dormant or inactive accounts
  • Expediting AD management tasks through automation
  • Lack of productivity due to tedious workflow
  • Tightening AD security

The Problem

Daniel Lahrman, Belden’s IT infrastructure analyst, used legacy Active Directory (AD) tools such as PowerShell scripts to identify users. He would manually go through each statement, creating complex PowerShell algorithms to disable user accounts. In an organization of 5,001-10,000 employees, creating algorithms to disable multiple user accounts was a time-consuming task that was prone to human error. Because the process was affecting Lahrman’s productivity, he decided to automate and expedite his AD management tasks by finding a solution with the right balance of simplicity, features, and flexibility.

The Solution

“Primarily, we were looking to use ADManager Plus to tighten our security and AD management,” says Lahrman. After implementing ADManager Plus, gone were his days of inefficient productivity and frustrating workflows. He saved a significant amount of time on AD management tasks, such as user provisioning and de-provisioning, by simply automating those tasks with ADManager Plus’ predefined templates.

By using ADManger Plus’s AD cleanup function, in just a few clicks, Lahrman was able to manage unused accounts and systematically disable them. This helped him to prevent dormant and inactive user accounts. Also, flexibility is key when managing users with different needs and that’s exactly what he got with ADManager Plus.

Lahrman is able to concentrate completely on IT-related responsibilities that require his insights and expertise — all thanks to ADManager Plus’ intuitive UI, a multitude of features, simplicity, and round-the-clock support team.

About ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is a unified management and reporting solution for AD, Microsoft 365, Exchange, Skype for Business, and Google Workspace. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, ADManager Plus handles a variety of complex tasks, like AD object backup and recovery, user account provisioning, and stale account management, and generates an exhaustive list of AD reports, many of which are essential requirements for satisfying compliance audits. It also helps administrators manage and report on their Exchange Server, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, and AD environments—all from a single console. For more information about ADManager Plus, visit

  • “I am able to automate those tasks and ADManager Plus has made my life easier. Specifically, we use ADManager Plus to manage unused accounts and systematically disable them, so we don’t have any dormant or inactive accounts.”

  • "It's a very versatile tool. We were able to manage users with different needs, different group memberships, and so on. With ADManger Plus, we are looking forward to implementing all those different scenarios."

  • “"Easy to follow instructions, not overly complicated... and powerful.”

Daniel Lahrman
IT infrastructure analyst