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Case Study

HIPAA Compliance Case Study in Healthcare domain

Interfaith Medical Center simplifies Active Directory Management and achieves HIPAA Compliance with ADManager Plus

Company : Medical Center
Industry : Healthcare
Location : Brooklyn, USA.

About the Company

Interfaith Medical Center is a multi-site community teaching health care system that provides a wide range of medical, surgical, gynecological, dental, psychiatric, pediatric, and other services throughout Central Brooklyn, New York. The institution operates a newly-modernized hospital with 287 beds and ambulatory care network of 16 clinics stretching across the Central Brooklyn communities of Crown Heights and Bedford- Stuyvesant.

Each year, Interfaith Medical Center serves over 250,000 patients and has a competent workforce to take care of its patients. It is notable that Interfaith Medical Center has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval.

Business Challenge

A leading health care center of Central Brooklyn, Interfaith Medical Center gives utmost importance to health care standards and compliance aspects. The advent of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) introduced sufficient challenges for IT Administrators at health care institutions worldwide. And Interfaith Medical Center was no exception.

Also, with constant rise in the employee count, Interfaith Medical Center faced the challenge of creating new user accounts in Active Directory frequently. Since the native Active Directory does not support bulk creation and management features, it became quite laborious and time-consuming for administrators to manually create, delete, and modify user accounts one after the other.

Interfaith Medical Center therefore decided to adopt software that featured the Bulk Management capabilities and generated reports that were relevant to the HIPAA guidelines. They evaluated many leading AD Management & Reporting software to identify what best suited their needs. While some of them had fewer features, others carried exorbitant price tags.

Interfaith Medical Center was in need of a simple and cost-effective, easy-to-use yet feature-rich tool to eliminate its issues relating to AD Management and Reporting.


A clear vision to comply with the HIPAA guidelines and the immediate need to resolve Active Directory management crisis compelled Interfaith Medical Center to try out many alternatives. The choice of software finally narrowed down to ADManager Plus.

A qualified list of innate features and an affordable price tag came in as major attractions for Interfaith Medical Center to immediately choose and deploy the software. Being a health care organization, complying with HIPAA regulations was also mandatory, which ADManager Plus helped achieve.

Administrators at Interfaith Medical Center found it quite easy to use the Bulk Management options to create, delete, and modify multiple accounts in Active Directory at a single attempt. In clear terms, ADManager Plus had significantly simplified Active Directory Management activities not only for the administrators but also for end users like help desk staff at Interfaith Medical Center.

ADManager Plus Advantage

One of the many features that had compelled Interfaith to choose ADManager Plus was its extensive list of Reports. Many of these were found to be quite essential to meet the HIPAA guidelines. The ability to schedule report generation with an option to send it to a customized list of email addresses came in as added advantages. Moreover, the fully web-based and intuitive user interface enabled easy access and usage of Active Directory even by front line officials, resulting in a clear dip in the learning curve graph of non-technical users.


ADManager Plus is an easy-to-use, completely web-based and cost-effective AD management tool. It has simplified the Active Directory management and reporting to a great extent for us.

Meraz Nasir
Manager of Infrastructure,
Interfaith Medical Center.


An important aspect that impressed Interfaith was the dedicated and technically qualified support team that provided round the clock support along with quick resolution of issues. Also, the complimentary MYSQL licensing that was bundled with ADManager Plus gave it an edge over the other commercially available software that needed an additional database license. The AD Search option, Self Update feature, and the ability to effectively track and handle the changes in Active Directory by Help desk personnel were the other key aspects that supported Interfaith's choice of ADManager Plus.


  • Create/Delete/Modify Multiple Users & AD objects
  • Identification & Removal of Inactive Account objects
  • HIPAA Compliance Audit
  • Automate Report Generation
  • Minimize cost


  • ManageEngine ADManager Plus
  • Bulk Management Module
  • CleanUp Active Directory
  • Extensive Reporting module with over a 100+ reports
  • Affordable Price Tag


  • Script free Active Directory Management
  • Easy to understand/use Interface
  • Web Based User Interface
  • Extensive Reporting module with over a 100+ reports
  • Free database licensing
  • Highly Cost Effective


Administrators at Medical Center were elated after the deployment of ADManager Plus. Today, two DBAs and five Help desk technicians handle over a 1000 user objects, 750+ Mail boxes and 850+ Workstations, with ease and confidence. IT Administrators and Help desk technicians face no more hassles in creating, modifying, and deleting any number of Active Directory objects, thanks to the ability to perform AD operations in bulk. The provision to clean-up Active Directory has greatly helped to isolate and delete inactive user and computer accounts, which might otherwise breach the institution's data integrity and security.

The comprehensive Reporting module not only projects a see-through view of the Active Directory environment, but also gives excellent support during HIPAA compliance audits. Now, Interfaith is a HIPAA-compliant medical institution.

Meet HIPAA compliance audit needs with preconfigured reports.

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Other features

Active Directory Password Management

Reset password and set password propertied from a single web-based console, without compromising on the security of your AD! Delegate your password-reset powers to the helpdesk technicians too!

Active Directory Group Management

Manage your Active Directory Security Groups. Create, Delete and Modify Groups...all in a few clicks. Configure Exchange attributes of AD Groups and effect bulk group changes to your AD security groups.

Active Directory Logon Reports

Monitor logon activities of Active Directory users on your AD environment. Filter out Inactive Users. Reporting on hourly level. Generate reports for true last logon time & recently logged on users.

Active Directory Delegation

Unload some of your workload without losing your hold. Secure & non-invasive helpdesk delegation and management from ADManager Plus! Delegate powers for technician on specific tasks in specific OUs.

Active Directory Cleanup

Get rid of the inactive, obsolete and unwanted objects in your Active Directory to make it more secure and efficient...assisted by ADManager Plus's AD Cleanup capabilities.

Active Directory Automation

A complete automation of AD critical tasks such as user provisioning, inactive-user clean up etc. Also lets you sequence and execute follow-up tasks and blends with workflow to offer a brilliant controlled-automation.

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