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RUM Agent Download

Download Real User Monitoring agent for Applications Manager

If you are using Applications Manager's Real User Monitoring feature, download the appropriate RUM agent from the table below.

Who should Download? Agent Version Operating System
Windows Linux
Customers using build no. 16310 and above
Customers using build no. 16160 to 16300
Customers using build no. 15570 to 16150
Customers using build no. 15390 to 15560

Note: RUM agent is not a standalone product. It will work only in combination with ManageEngine Applications Manager.

Note: It is recommended to use the SHA256 checksums to verify the integrity of the packages you download.

File SHA256 value
RUM Agent 64 bit (.exe) ded10f5d8aaf98ba85ee92816c51e1d3d9a6783ed9f92b763ef027f577880b2c
RUM Agent 64 bit (.bin) 3e7597a8d76a0b9cb5764d462aa12861ced42bd0bd4624c4cefbfcb707a641e4
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is RUM Agent an add-on feature in Applications Manager?

    RUM will be available as a count based add-on module. It will work with both Professional and Enterprise editions of Applications Manager.

    • Each website monitored with RUM will be counted as 1 monitor in the license. The price also depends on the Page views metric.
    • Page views will have a monthly (calendar) limit and users will be charged separately based on the tier that they purchase. For more details, click here.

  • How do I configure RUM in Applications Manager?

    You can refer to our help page and follow the steps given there.

  • I have a problem starting the RUM agent What do I do?

    You can refer our troubleshooting KB here.

  • Can I integrate RUM with APM Insight?

    No. For now, you cannot integrate RUM with APM Insight.

  • How do I resolve the 'No data available' error shown in 'ISP' tab?

    Real User Monitor does not show ISP details by default. A third-party geolocation API needs to be purchased and configured in RUM agent to obtain ISP data. Learn more

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