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Service Packs are collection of bug fixes and feature enhancements done to a product. It helps one to gain the entire list of new benefits and features added to the product, without loosing any previously defined configurations or settings in the previous versions of the software.

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Service Pack for Exchange Reporter Plus:

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus will periodically make new releases with added features and enhancements. This information will be emailed to existing customers and also announced in our product Forum.

New Users can download the latest version of the product from the below link.

Existing users are recommended to apply the Service Pack in-order to upgrade to the latest version. This will help retain any previously defined configurations or settings done to the earlier versions of the software (A smooth transfer to the new version).

The service pack can be downloaded from our website. The Service Pack must be applied only if you are using the build numbers mentioned in the website. Else contact who will help you with the upgrade.

Instructions to Apply Service Pack:

Follow steps 1 through 9 to apply the service pack.

  1. Shut down Exchange Reporter Plus server. (Start --> All Programs --> Exchange Reporter Plus --> Stop Exchange Reporter Plus)
    Note: In case you have installed Exchange Reporter Plus as a Service, stop the service (Start --> Run --> type services.msc ---> Stop "ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus" ).
  2. Please wait for a few moments till the server/service terminates completely
  3. Take a backup of the existing Exchange Reporter Plus by creating a ZIP file of the contents of </ExchangeReporterPlusHome/> directory and save it as in the </ExchangeReporterPlusHome/> directory.
  4. Execute the UpdateManager.bat file present in the <ExchangeReporterPlusHome>/bin directory.
  5. Click Browse and select the .PPM file that you have downloaded.
  6. Click Install to install the service pack. This may take several minutes depending on the amount of data that needs to be migrated, so please do not terminate the procedure prematurely.
  7. If you get a pop-up to import a patch integrity verification certificate. Download the file using this link - . Browse and choose the files from the local machine and click Import.
  8. installshield-wizard-setup

  9. Wait until the service pack is fully installed.

  10. Click Close and then click Exit to exit the Update Manager tool.

  11. Start the Exchange Reporter Plus server.

How Do I find out my Build Number?

Log in to the Exchange Reporter Plus web client, and click the Support Tab. Your present build number will be printed to the top right corner of the page.

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