How do I unlock my account?

ADSelfService Plus verifies your identity though multiple authentication techniques before you're able to unlock your account.

Unlock an account from a mobile device

ADSelfService Plus allows you to unlock your account from an Android or iOS mobile device.

Unlock enterprise app accounts

ADSelfService Plus allows you to securely unlock your enterprise application accounts.

To unlock an enterprise application account, including an account in Office 365, G Suite, or Salesforce, simply select your respective account on the Unlock Account page of ADSelfService Plus and verify your identity. Click here to learn more about verifying your identity via enforced multi-factor authentication techniques.

You can also choose to unlock the accounts of multiple enterprise applications in one go.


  • Before you can unlock your account in an enterprise application, you need to link your Windows Active Directory account with that account. Click here to learn more.
  • Only your admin decides which users can access this feature.
  • You can unlock your Active Directory account from the login screen of Windows, macOS, or Linux. Click here to learn more.


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