Here's why ServiceDesk Plus supersedes its competition in the market:

Acquire a powerful, integrated approach to IT service management

Centrally manage your IT environment by taking an integrated approach to service management. ServiceDesk Plus integrates tightly with ManageEngine's robust IT management apps, as well as other third-party and business apps, to give IT teams 360-degree control of their IT infrastructure. From managing networks, applications, and endpoints to virtual hangout spaces, advanced analytics, and more, your service desk can now be the control center of your IT environment.

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ManageEngine vs Freshservice

Choose a proven solution endorsed for its ITSM capabilities

When you're looking for authenticity, the proof is really in the pudding. ServiceDesk Plus is PinkVERIFY™ certified for five ITSM practices including Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Enablement, Service Request Management and IT Asset Management. This certification confirms that our tool underwent rigorous assessment and was given the stamp of approval by PinkVERIFY.

Enhance service quality across all business functions for overall growth

Do away with legacy apps used to manage services across your organization and embrace a powerful ITSM solution with robust enterprise service management capabilities for improved overall business performance. ServiceDesk Plus' rapid-start ESM enables you to empower not only your IT teams but all business functions within your organization with unique, fully customizable service desk instances that can be created in under a minute. It's time to extend proven ITSM best practices to other departments for end-user-focused service delivery.

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Help desk software ROI

Experience a 3-year ROI of up to 352%, as substantiated by market analysts

According to a Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study, investing in ServiceDesk Plus can give back benefits of up to 352%. You can achieve benefits up to a net present value of $2.08 million, with a payback period of less than six months.

Personalize your service desk with advanced last-mile customizations

There's no concept of "one size fits all" in IT service management. That's why your organization needs a solution that is flexible, scalable, and customizable. Achieve last-mile customizations with ServiceDesk Plus' advanced customization functionality that allows you to fine-tune your IT workflows to suit your specific business needs, without the fuss of coding.

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Service desk workflow

Build process-specific workflows to achieve clarity, consistency, and efficiency

Although competitors in the market provide workflow builder capabilities, they lack in the practical application of this functionality. With ServiceDesk Plus' Request Life Cycle, you can create unique workflows for requests easily on a drag-and-drop canvas and assign stages and statuses that the request must pass through. By associating these workflows with relevant request templates, technicians are guided through the entire pathway of the request workflow right from within the ticket, allowing them to work efficiently.

Stay on top of your tasks with real-time data and analytics

When it comes to analytics and getting the big picture, you don't want to be a half hour late. Take advantage of ServiceDesk Plus' up-to-the-minute reporting and gain accurate insights into your service desk, with drilled-down analytics for data-driven business decisions. You have access to out-of-the-box as well as custom reports, comprehensive dashboards for instant insights into your service desk's performance, seamless integrations with ManageEngine's advanced analytics tool, and more.

In addition, you can quantify the employee experience with the satisfaction surveys available in ServiceDesk Plus. The cloud version of the ITSM solution supports Zoho Survey to allow surveys to be set up with exclusion rules, conditions, and customizable templates.

Service desk analytics dashboard
CMDB in ServiceDesk Plus

Gain in-depth visibility into your IT infrastructure with a full-fledged CMDB

Managing your IT infrastructure shouldn't stop at tracking configuration items (CIs) and individual relationships. Leverage ServiceDesk Plus' comprehensive CMDB that enables you to build custom relationship maps specific to your services or business-critical CIs. Maintaining such visual dependency maps of all your services and business-impacting CIs, your IT teams have all the information they need to minimize downtime during outages and ensure business continuity.

Streamline complex workflows with superior workflow builders

Change and release management processes drive the success of change adoption and keep your organization adaptable. With an intuitive tool in hand, your teams can trod the path to successful changes and releases. ServiceDesk Plus' workflow builders allow you to create complex workflows on a drag-and-drop canvas; define the movement through various stages with condition-based actions including status changes, approvals, and notifications; and more.

ServiceDesk Plus workflow
IT support ticket template

Amplify team productivity with dynamic ticket templates

Galvanize your IT teams to function more efficiently by presenting them with accurate information for each ticket. Create dynamic, functional ticket templates with ServiceDesk Plus' advanced custom template functionality. You can build unique templates specific to your services and recurring incidents simply by adding default or custom fields and customizable sections to a drag-and-drop canvas. By customizing ticket templates, you eliminate the need for end users to fill out redundant information that can be overwhelming, while also offering accurate information to technicians.

Roll out projects that directly benefit your organization

Empower your IT teams with the advanced project management capabilities in ServiceDesk Plus. When handling complex projects that impact your business, simply tracking the project with task lists and associations will not cut it. With the integrated project management module, you can meticulously plan and manage organization-level implementations by associating relevant incidents, problems, and changes, visually track the progress and summary of the entire project with the Gantt chart, and access significant information from the CMDB, all leading to successful project rollout.

Service desk project management

What Customers Say

Having separate service desk instances for IT, facilities and records allows us to track the issues separately while giving us access to the other departments' resources. With the new version of ServiceDesk Plus, we feel like the firm's support and administration departments are working together to provide assistance. I love that it's customizable, easy to use and available at a great price.

Beverley Seche

Network Administrator at Stark & Stark, Attorneys at Law.

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