Visual development

Create, iterate, and innovate with visual development that accelerates your ideas.

Visual development
  • Form builder

    Drag and drop over 30 types of form fields to collect data like names, email addresses, and customer feedback.

  • Analytics and dashboard builder

    Create interactive reports and dashboards with AppCreator’s drag-and-drop interface. Converge data from multiple sources, and add any number of charts, widgets to make your data easy to understand.

  • Workflow builder

    Use AppCreator’s workflow builder to automate tasks in your applications. These tasks can range from sending emails and SMS messages to enabling app-related functionalities such as hiding or disabling fields based on predefined criteria.

Advanced automation

Streamline your workflows, and spend your time where it’s needed most.

  • Workflows

    Our low-code scripting language, Deluge, allows you to create workflows without needing extensive code.

  • Schedulers and reminders

    Schedule tasks to send reports and event invitations on time. Remind employees when tasks are approaching.

  • Notifications

    Stay on top of your work with notifications about progress or process deviations.

Advanced automation


Get insights within your data from AppCreator’s many reporting tools, including spreadsheets and dashboards.

  • Data visualization

    Display your data as lists, calendars, summaries, grids, spreadsheets, and more.

  • Filter

    Use AppCreator’s built-in data filtering tools to sort your data and fetch the information you need.

  • Dashboard

    Monitor your performance indicators from one place with custom dashboards.

Multi-device solutions

All the solutions you build on AppCreator are automatically available as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

  • Multi-platform builder

    Design applications for PC, phone, and tablet interfaces all at once. Access the applications through a browser or as progressive web applications on your mobile device.

  • Rebranded mobile apps

    Personalize your applications with an icon of your choice and then publish them to online app stores.

  • Mobile SDK

    Use AppCreator’s mobile SDK and UI kit to build native apps for iOS and Android for your enterprise platform.

Multi-device solutions


Share information without overburdening your team. Every person involved gets access to just the data they need to work with.

  • Share applications

    Share your whole application or parts of it through a public link or a private email to users in your organization.

  • Role-based access

    Provide access to just the forms and reports relevant to each user’s job.

  • Changelog

    Use record auditing to see who changed records and when it happened.


Online portal

Use portals to simplify how your customers and business partners interact with your company’s applications and data. Portals can be accessed smoothly on computers or mobile devices with a fully responsive design.


Sandbox environment

When you want to test out modifications to your app, our secure sandbox makes sure your live app is unaffected. Perform a backup at any time, and view the audit trail to track every change made to every record.


Data migration

Import Excel data or convert it from Google Sheets. If you’re using Microsoft Access or FileMaker databases, run them through our migration tools. Using a legacy system? Send us an email and we’ll get you started.

Minimal coding with maximum possibilities

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