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Salesforce Setup Audit Trail

The Setup Audit Trail feature in Salesforce enables you to closely track changes made to your organization. It records all modifications concerning the administration, customization, security, sharing, data management, development, and more of your Salesforce organization.

This feature comes in handy when there are multiple administrators managing your Salesforce environment as it helps you maintain a list of all changes made in the past six months, including information on what was changed, who made the change, and when the changes were made. However, its challenging to constantly analyze all this information for any threats to your Salesforce environment.

Cloud Security Plus solves this problem by collecting and analyzing Salesforce information every five minutes and generating comprehensive reports that provide actionable insights. It provides a panoramic view of all the activities occurring in your Salesforce environment. You can also set alerts for certain actions or users that you feel might be a threat to your Salesforce environment. Additionally, Cloud Security Plus enables you to view the information recorded in the past six months directly from the interface, without the need to export it to a CSV file.

Setup Audit Trail Reports

The following reports are available for the Setup Audit Trail feature.

Recent Custom Object Events

This report shows all the events related to the creation, deletion, and modification of custom objects in your organization.

Manage Users Events

This report presents insights on all user events such as user account created, user account deleted, user account blocked, user account unlocked, etc.

User Management Settings Events

This report allows you to monitor any configuration changes made to users like administrator, operator, and guest.

Application Events

This report shows all events from the applications configured to your Salesforce organization.

Connected Apps Events

This report shows events involving the apps connected to your Salesforce organization such as app created, app deleted, and app updated by users.


This report presents an overview of all the audit trails in your Salesforce environment.

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