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Salesforce user activity monitoring

To view the granular details of user activity in Salesforce, you need to examine all user events as a whole, including events like logins and report exports. All these events are stored in event log files, which are generated when an event occurs, and can be downloaded 24 hours after the event has occurred. It's incredibly time-consuming to sift through multiple event log files individually and connect the dots between disparate events.

Let Cloud Security Plus do the heavy lifting instead; it'll collect and analyze these event log files to give you actionable insight. Cloud Security Plus tracks unusual access, proactively alerts you of potential incidents, and enables rapid investigations of user activity. Its predefined reports can help you track who did what, when they did it, and where they did it from.

Login activity monitoring

Abnormal logins are often indicators of an attack. Several login failures followed by a successful login could be a potential brute-force attack. Cloud Security Plus' login activity reports provide information on who logged in, from where, and when, so you can easily determine whether further action is required. 

For example, if you find a user regularly logging in during non-business hours, there's a good chance something fishy is going on. If you look closer at the report, you can see how many distinct IP addresses that user has logged in from. This helps you identify whether or not the user account has been compromised or if the user is up to no good.

Content activity monitoring

Data protection is crucial for any organization that wants to retain the trust of its customers and meet the requirements of the many compliance mandates in effect today. An unauthorized distribution of financial information or new business ideas can lead to expensive lawsuits or even lead to a business shutting down. Cloud Security Plus keeps track of content that's been transferred, distributed, and downloaded. With this information, you can immediately spot and flag unauthorized content activity, and take corrective action to remediate it.

Report activity monitoring

Cloud Security Plus provides information on exported and multiblock reports in Salesforce. Consider a scenario in which an employee who is about to leave the organization exports a list of all your customers. This can put your business and credibility at stake. Should this ever occur, Cloud Security Plus would alert you as well as provide a report with details on the event.

Search activity monitoring

Cloud Security Plus provides reports on the recent informations searched by various users. It provides a detailed a report along with the search query and the prefixes searched. It also provides information which includes query ID and the clicked record ID.

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